Passenger Recap

(Guest post by Janet) We realized from Alan’s comments that we really haven’t identified most of the other passengers in pictures. Some of these photos you’ve already seen, but we’ll try to identify who the players are. We definitely did not focus on getting good pix of them, so you get what you get! Y’all … More Passenger Recap

Hiking to the Top

Thursday, Feb 13, 2020 Wow – it was a wild ride last night as we rounded the northernmost point of Isabela Island, came back across the Equator (does that mean we are Double Shellbacks?) and finally moored near Rabida Island. Janet and I have been wearing “Sea Bands” for our entire journey since we boarded … More Hiking to the Top


Wednesday, February 12, 2020 Last night we moored after dinner and stayed put all night long. We are still on Fernandina Island. Ahhhh – so calm, so quiet. Janet and I both slept pretty well, but after yesterday’s boondoggle hiking the lava field, we decided once was enough. We choose to skip the morning hike … More Shellbacks!!!