Zippo Miles.

The days in Evansville are always nostalgic and awesome.

No more then 5 minutes after my awakening I am greeted by poached eggs, english muffins and multiple mighty maters. Seems like good things do come to those who wait heh heh heh.

Oh, apparently this happened in that good time. Maybe I should work on that… naw. Still, pretty impressive.

Things start to heat up after breakfast.

Couple hours later…

Ah well there was one of these wonderful, miraculous things in between. Our daily excitement came a little late, in the form of this furry creature:

Her presence (along with her eccentric caretakers, Miss Fruit and I don’t know you) provided a modicum of entertainment in our evening activities. I stealthly sneak into the labratory in hopes of some sneak peeks at dinner.

Dad tried to look as if he belongs in the kitchen but I caught the truth.

Our fun with Fruit is without limits but of course have to shoo them all away when the dinner-bell rings.

One blury photo just for dad. Porkchops, mashed taters, greens and of course:

mighty maters. Looks complete.

How bout one more blur city for dad. After dinner we set out to the airport to pick up Alan. This may be the only time I’ve taken two cars to pick up one person.

We all eagerly await his arrival.

And there he is! We all hug as the family is complete.

Hungry after the long trip. It didn’t have enough pineapple.

Had to prepare some brownies for hungry and sleepy family. These things must happen. That is all.


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