Wednesday, August 4
0 miles (yeah!)

Another blissful day in Evansville. Alan calls it “Heavansville” and I readily agree. The activity in the house starts to murmer and folks gather in alcoves with coffee, laptops, newspapers or just to chat. Preparations for breakfast begin (in the upstairs kitchen).

Cooks in the upstairs kitchen

cooks in the upstairs kitchen 

We decided the other evening that there are not too many houses where when asking a question concerning the whereabouts of something (“where is the milk?” “where is the salt?” etc) and the answer is “in the kitchen” that you must then ask “WHICH kitchen???” The pattern appears to be that breakfast is mostly prepared in the upstairs kitchen along with breads and cakes, etc. Dinner is mostly prepared in the downstairs kitchen unless it is cooked outside on the Big Green Egg. There are some exceptions. Both kitchens have fully stocked pantrys, refrigerator/freezer, plenty of dishes/glasses/cutlery. The upstairs kitchen has no dishwasher . . . Naturally, when there were 2 parents and 3 kids living in the house there was only one kitchen (and one bathroom). Now that the house is only occupied by 2 people there are 2 full kitchens (3 refrigerator/freezers and one stand-alone freezer) and 3 bathrooms. This is simply added here to give you an idea of the Weisling lifestyle. Draw your own conclusions.

This morning Rich plays sous-chef to Chuck’s expert breakfast prep. Blueberry pancakes made with Alice’s home-grown blueberries and home-made blueberry syrup are the stars. Janel remarks that she has never even liked blueberry pancakes before this. They are remarkable.

Move over IHOP
Alan, Johnny and Janet are hungry

Homegrown blueberries
A lovely sight - Rich, Johnny, Janel washing dishes

The day continues on with many discussions concerning the oppressive heat that has blanketed Evansville. It is around 100 degrees and probably 99.9% humidity – horrific. Even I won’t consider playing golf today. So we stay inside content to sit, chat and play. The pinball game even gets a much-needed workout. No high scores were recorded and Rich’s previous record stands.

Some of the men-folk


Tryin' to beat his old record

Rockin' the old machine
Johnny managed to set up his lair in the basement

Clabber cards were eventually brought out and Alan consents to play even though he claims he has forgotten how. For those of you unfamiliar with Clabber – it is strictly an Evansville card game that is played fast and furious. Don’t even try to learn it – it is almost impossible if you weren’t born here. Somehow Rich has managed to pick it up over the years. It is brutal and the trash-talking is almost as entertaining as the cards. Rich and Janel make a solid win over Linda/Alan and Alice/Chuck.

Looks like a nice friendly game (don't be fooled)


Janel takes a hint from the master

Meanwhile, supper is cooking both on the Big Green Egg and the huge smoker outdoors. Silver Queen sweet corn was purchased this morning from Mayes Market and several well-rubbed slabs of babyback ribs are getting happy in the smoker.

Master of the Green Egg too
Alice demonstrates corn buttering technique



Dinner is awesome as usual. Mom and Dad (Chuck and Alice, Mama and Papa – whatever you call them) have made all the meals with flourish. The planning must have started months ago. I don’t know how they do it. We are so happy to have had this special time with our whole family and really appreciate all their efforts (seen and unseen). We are going to hate for the LoveBoat to dock.

WOW! Ribs, Corn and world famous macaroni
Macaroni salad (not enough pineapple)

After dinner the cards are brough out again. Alan/Linda take on Rich/Janel. Rich introduces a technique previously unseen in Clabber circles – the “fake no-lead.” Alan falls prey and susequently re-nigs to the chagrin of his partner (me). However in the end Alan/Linda reign supreme. (well, maybe not – but it is my blog and that is how I choose to see it. In actuality Janel had 200 Jacks and blew us out of the water).

Trying to play an old favorite card game



We must leave “Heavansville” tomorrow and sleep while dreaming of what might be for breakfast in the morning.


One thought on “Heavansville

  1. This was obviously Linda’s blog day because she called me Janel in one of the captions (Janel, did she call you Janet?)!

    Glad I was able to have some to-go roni salad (not enough pineapple) to go with my BLT.

    Sorry I missed the “friendly” clabber game. 200 Jacks, Nel??? Way to go!

    Was Mille Borne as fun as we remembered?

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