The Keys are Calling

Miles 167

We wake up early to another luxurious room service breakfast (I could get used to this).  Sitting by the window, looking at the bay, eating breakfast. . .bliss.  The bliss gets interrupted when we realize it is time to hit the golf course again.

This morning we are playing only one round at La Playa before we take off for the Keys.  Seemed like a good idea.  We did have a good time, but the golf was not up to par (hahaha).

Since we didn’t have to check out of our hotel until 4pm we went back and showered before packing up to leave.  I took one last parting shot from our balcony.

We have a relatively short drive today and opt to go the backroads route.  We end up crossing deep into the Everglades and the scenery is beautiful.  We are planning on returning to a point in the Everglades when we leave the Keys in order to do a short bike ride so we don’t linger too long in any one spot.

When we reach Hwy 1 South in Homestead we notice a plethora of nurseries and fruit stands.  One in particular catches my eye and I make a U-turn.

I couldn't resist . . .

They had the largest avocados I have ever seen.  We purchased one along with some yellow squash, a mango, onion, garlic and some limes for besitos.  Great stop.

Traffic going down Hwy 1 to the Keys is slow, but traffic coming BACK from the Keys is a non-stop line (this is Sunday late afternoon).  We are glad we are heading down after the weekend.

We have no trouble finding our accommodations – Island Bay Resort in Tavernier.  It is a group of about 10 little cottages directly on the bay.  Super cute.  We meet the owner, check in and go to our cottage – Conch Key – and unpack.

Driving into Island Bay Resort
Home, Sweet Home
Our living room
Our kitchen
Our bedroom

We love it! We need to get food supplies for breakfast and for meals that we will be cooking in.  Tonight we are thinking of eating out and then cooking dinner tomorrow.  I volunteer to go to the Winn Dixie supermarket to do the grocery shopping.  Rich happily stays home to blog. . .

When I am cruising through the Winn Dixie I decide that it really sounds better to stay in tonight and maybe grill some steaks – I know Rich will be very happy with that.  We have brought some items from home to cook with (minimal) so I just buy a few things that we need for the next couple of days.

When I return it is just about sunset and Rich finishes up yesterday’s blog.  We quickly fix 2 besitos, grab a bag of Chex Mix and head out the door to walk down to Island Bay’s beach/dock area.  Wow.  The sun is just starting to set and it is gorgeous.

The “resort” is not even half full and we feel like we are the only people here.  It is great.  We are getting hungry and it is getting late.  Rich lights the grill and I prepare the food in the kitchen.  We are having char-grilled NY strip steaks, fresh spinach and salad.  I cut into the avocado I bought earlier today and it is AWESOME!  Good thing Rich doesn’t really care for avocado because I nearly ate the entire thing.

Dinner was fantastic and really even I admitted that it was nice to stay “home” tonight.  We need to get mentally (and physically) prepared to dive tomorrow.  We relax, watch tv (the first time we have had tv on!) and turn in early.


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