Middle Tennessee

We’d opened the windows last night and it was about 55F in our room in the morning. A nice feeling as we hunched in under the covers.

The morning light showed the true beauty around the Evin’s Mill property. Heavily forested and secluded, steep slopes leading down to the river’s edge, with leaves changing into their fall colors. The main building had a glorious patio facing the old grist mill. The sounds of the river flowing over the dam walls and rocks below had danced with our ears all night.

Evin's Mill patio

We found the dining room for breakfast, and were served much more than we could eat. A strawberry-cream cheese blintz, coffee, orange juice, eggs to order, smoky bacon, sausage, flaky biscuits, cream gravy, lots of fruit. The best we could do was sample everything and leave the remainder.

Breakfast starters


Is this considered planning?
Serious planning here

We’d been looking forward to a hike and took off first to explore the old mill, and then on the south trail. The beauty and isolation in the woods was fantastic. It had rained last night, and we both loved the smell of the wet leaves.

Walkway to the mill
Poisonous and edible?
Brilliant autumn colors

A rather technical descending hike led us to the base of Carmac Falls, an idyllic place if ever there was an idyllic place. It was a perfect activity fitting for this property. Cathardic, replenishing, vital, tranquil. A wonderful place to be.

One handsome mushroom

Linda and I experimented with our new camera and managed this timer-shot with a long exposure to capture the waterfall flow. Double click to enlarge. Cool?

Carmac Falls

Reluctantly, we checked out and loaded up the SUV. We considered staying another night but in the end decided that Alan’s principle of “diminishing returns” might apply. But that wouldn’t stop us from staying another night here in the future. A slice of paradise, and very relaxing.

The grist mill
To plan or not to plan, that is the question...

Another motivation was driving us as well. You guessed it – another golf course. An hour’s drive brought us to The Hermitage Golf Course just outside Nashville. About 70 miles total travel today.

We hit the course and teamed up with a club member named Gary (despite warnings from the starter). Gary turned out to be a wonderful playing partner and very knowledgeable about the course. But a talk-a-holic. He had a story about everything.

Rains slammed us on hole #7. It’s incredible how we’ve avoided them this entire trip, so I guess we were due. We gamely waited it out, played #8-10, then the rains returned for good. The wet conditions, and especially the cold, made us head on in. Even got a cash refund since we were on the road. Nice course, some challenging holes – I’d like to finish out the round someday but probably not tomorrow.

The rains
Warning from the clubhouse

Checked in to the Super 8 in Old Hickory. This one looks better – we shall see. Dinner at Applebee’s (oh stop groaning) was surprisingly satisfying with sirloin dinners.  We considered going in to Nashville, Printer’s Ally, Broadway, etc., but we decided we were tired and happy enough with the day.


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