T-Day Celebration

We celebrated with a big dinner on T-Day this year (the Friday after Thanksgiving). John’s great group of local friends Bill, Cody, Colin, and Speedo joined us for a feast. Gilbert also visited us last night, but couldn’t make the dinner. Lots o’ photos below:

Early progress on pies
Bill, John, and Speedo
Stuffing in progress, with brussel sprouts on deck
Hot apple pie right out of the oven
Linda's handprints?
Bill working the potatoes
Speedo on KP duty (keep peelin')
John and Janel connect across the Atlantic
The pies, the pies
Fine hungry gentlemen
Cody, Colin , and Speedo
It took forever to cook this 22 lb'er, but it was totally worth the wait
Turkey breast steaks
John and Speedo
Speedo and Colin
Chowing Down
Back to business

2 thoughts on “T-Day Celebration

  1. The boys were still awake when I got up this morning for the regular Saturday bike ride. However, I’m back now and the house is completely quiet. zzzzz

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