Semipalo Dad: “Why do I look like Hulk Hogan?”

After a hard night’s semi and full plano, I wake in a strange place. I check my trusty multi functional dual screen device for the time and derp out exploring. Oh yes, that’s right. I am in the apartment of bowlin, schoolin and poker from the night before. I must have passed out.

Met up with the MP.


Banko Banko.

We wander the streets. Strange markings are along the walls. The temperature has dropped a few degrees but the streets are sunny and inviting.

I listen to Cosmic Gate whilst roaming the streets, an apt choice. We head into a nice cafe and enjoy ham.

It is Spanish Christmas tradition to wrap ones head in aluminum foil and freak out.

We continue to walk for some time. Madrid has much to offer to the eyes and we enjoy the view. While individual windows are not often decorated, large ornamental structures dominate the scenery.

Time to celebrate, so we head back to the apt and break out the booze.

Thanks, Janet. Fun is to be had. Dinner is roasting and we are enjoying time together.

Oh god oh man no i dont want it in my mouth how bout a cup.


4 thoughts on “Semipalo Dad: “Why do I look like Hulk Hogan?”

  1. Whoops, I think I left my comment on the wrong trip so I’ll say it again. This looks like more of the same with the Torks – Too much fun, too much food, too much wine and way too much enjoying family. I’m so green with envy….
    Wishing you all the best Christmas ever…Feliz Navidad! (Did I get it right?)
    Merry Christmas!

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