Johnny’s Perspective

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Basically, last night I decided to sleep in the closest bedding available, the couch in the kitchen room. Now typically this may be a decision of regret – people waking up early in the morning may disturb my slumber. However, this…

Is the view from my sofa. And I turn around…


We scuttle downstairs to enjoy our breakfast of eggs, sausage n biscuits. The lake is said to be chilly, but when Nell and I go for a little walk we find it to be cool but tolerable, as people are indeed swimming and boating.

Is it secret? Is it safe?

We head out to go lobster hunting and town exploring. We first stop by the seafood shack to confirm our purchases. The salesman there convinced us to purchase HARD shell lobsters. Keep that in mind. We leave em there because of course they are in fact alive and kickin, and we don’t want them crawling around our car while we are out.

We pay a visit to several “hotspots” of Wolfeboro; the graveyard of Roulou history…

The Dairy Bar to enjoy some raspberry and coffee ice cream…

And the Poor People Pub, where we enjoyed beer and water after the hot day out. Additionally, notice the excellent wardrobe coordination that runs in our family. We also visited my great great grandparents house, though I forgot to take any pictures of the event. After our beer we split up picking up groceries and the lobster for tonight’s meal.

Our arrival home brought more food stuffs, this time courtesy of Nelly with goodies from Spain. Olives, pate, chippies and almonds later, we can’t stop talking about food.

Large crustaceans, specifically.

Four of em. As delicious as they are, these guys are resilient as cockroaches. Split their head open and their feelers still twitch. Cut their tail off and it still writhes.

Chop em up, boil em, grill em, serve em with butter and corn, and then maybe they will throw in the towel.

Sorry Sebastian.

Ok, well, this all looks delish, and it is. We soon come to the realization that the meat is impossible to access through  the tough carapace, leading to some of our more adventurous family members to attempt advanced methods of access, such as cleavers and bricks. I simply snake the goods out with a skewer.


3 thoughts on “Johnny’s Perspective

  1. John’s perspective of this unusual day is marvelous , beginning with the early morning pics. The trip to Wolfeboro was special with selecting just the right lobsters (Thanks Linda) and going to the cemetery on our way to town. Ice cream on Lake Winnepesauki and beer at Poor People’s Pub. Does it get any better? I did enjoy Janet’s and Eric’s wardrobe coordination. That was almost as good as all of our blue embroidered shirts. Thank you,Janel, for the great treat from Spain. Eric and Chuck, you were quite handy with those humongus lobsters. Wonderful blog.

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