Welcome to Del Friscos!

Welcome to Del Friscos!

Welcome to Del Friscos!

Apparently it is the norm in Boston cabs to have a card reader that loops an ad WITH SOUND. I now understand Robert De Niro.

Let’s back up a bit. Woke up, said our goodbyes, two hours later bye New Hampshire hello Boston.

Hello Del Friscos.

Our first stop after of course Del Friscos is the Collande, our hotel. We drop our bags and head off north for eats and sight seeing. Our first stop: Neptune Oysters.

Actually pretty decent. Took a little chance with my stomach eating bivalves (why not after an hour wait) and it seemed to behave. Though I have little to compare em to, the oysters are wonderful and distinct.

Our main course arrives, a lobster roll soaked in butter and an unarguably more interesting johnnycake with smoked tuna and caviar. Really a fantastic and unusual dish for the location.

Mom’s got a hankerin for a Cannoli so we head over to the previously scouted Modern Pastry, apparently the pastry shop of choice for locals. I had heard lots of crazy things about these sweets before, but honestly? Not crazy about it. Perhaps I just wasn’t really feeling it (loved the almonds, though).

We decide to essentially walk back to the hotel. Having taken the metro to get to the north end, I was initially skeptical about the length of our walk but soon realized Boston is actually relatively compact and we had only gone a few miles out. We take the “Freedom Trail” on our way back, a preset path through some of the most famous landmarks of the city. While it’s name may resemble the infamous “Freedom Fries”, the trail is well laid out and clearly well traveled.

Banko Banko.

Play this for the next paragraph for the full effect. www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUxuvs9vhKg

So… Mom does her characteristic out of character decision to go on a canned city tour. BUT WAIT! This one has a gimmick: its in an amphibious vehicle! That actually sounds really cool on paper, but in practice, its pretty tame. Halfway through the informative but uninspired tram tour of the city the “bus” dips into the river and pokes around slowly. It’s nice to get a view of the city, but… we just did trying to get the the tour start.

Mom: Camera expert.

We end our evening with bigger than your head pizza courtesy of Regina’s. Really this picture is self explanatory – we all agreed that this is the best pizza of this type we’ve ever had, and where better a place then Boston?



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