Addendum to 7/8/2011

I feel compelled to add a few more pics (and stories) to the previous post.  It is hard to capture it all, but we are trying!

When we started our trek downtown this morning I wanted to make a detour through the Plaza Hotel.  It was sitting kitty corner from our hotel and . . . why not?  As I had imagined it was simply drop dead gorgeous inside.

Lobby of Plaza Hotel
one of the dining rooms

We waltzed around ChinaTown for lunch, stopping at various places that I had researched to pick up certain special items.  First stop was Prosperity Dumplings for what had been deemed “Best Fried Dumplings” by the NY Times.  Tiny, tiny, tiny place with a huge wok full of sizzling dumplings.  We choose an order of pork fried dumplings and some kind of awesome crepe-y sandwich to share.

Next stop was Xian’s Famous Chinese for an order of the hand-pulled noodles and the lamb burger.  We had to retire to a local park to eat since there were a total of 2 stools and a counter in the entire place!  “Burger” was great with lots of cumin.  Noodles were pretty good (not great).

John, Janel, Catherine enjoying noodles in the park

Our final lunch find was at Manna Bakery.  I had read that they make the best Char Sui Bao in NY.  It is true.  We really only had room to share one, but we could each have eaten at least a half dozen – they were AWESOME!  John already put this picture on his blog, but I wanted to share it one more time.

Janel contemplates the BEST Char Siu Bao
Manna One Bakery

We are full. Except that we really, really want to try the rice pudding at a place we saw last night – Rice to Riches.  Oh my goodness.  The store is so cute and the varieties of rice pudding are unbelievable: cinnamon, graham cracker, chocolate, mango, berry, coffee, etc.  It is like being in an ice cream shoppe except that you are buying rice pudding.  It cannot even be described.  We ordered a small dish of cinnamon and berry.  Blew us away – rich, decadent, creamy deliciousness.  We NEED one of these in Phoenix.  Look it up

Want to invest?  It is a stellar idea.  Talk to me.

Catherine, Linda and John

It was great to connect with Catherine and to see all three “kids” together.  Catherine and her brother – Andrew – basically grew up alongside Janel and John.  They are all very lucky to be able to connect again as adults.

Another fantastic day in the Big Apple.


One thought on “Addendum to 7/8/2011

  1. Sharing a variety of dishes sounds like a great way to experience Chinatown. The rice pudding idea is intriguing!

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