We have a lazy morning. Or at least I do – the shower is wonderful and I’m a sucker for long showers. Little do I know Nelly and Mzom are fretting in the room for the place we plan to get breakfast (Petrossian)  apparently “runs out” of the good stuff. We hurry on our way after that.

Fortunately the yummy pastries still line the bakery’s shelves and we dive into yelp recommended goodness. The apricot danish is decidedly our favorite. It is wonderful with cafe au lait.

We scurry off to our next destination, china town, to meet our old friend Catherine Keene, who’s been living in New York for a few years now. Naturally it is somewhat surreal meeting our childhood friend “all grown up” after all these years and especially in New York’s china town, which quite literally looks like China. Our plan is to hit up a few yelp recommended eateries and stop at wherever tickles our fancy along the way.

Feast abound. We have all sorts of snacks and meals on our trek through china town all while reminiscing about times past and our lives over the last few years.

New York has so far been kind to us with weather but the luck has run out: rain has reared it’s decidedly wet head. Fortunately we take refuge in Catherine’s abode, hoping to wait out the storm. After a few minutes the rain slows to a drizzle so we head back out exploring. We spend most of our time inside establishments as the rain is on and off and we don’t have umbrellas. Eventually we say our goodbyes and we cab back to the hotel to nap.

Our venture out later that night is to Eatily – a massive marketplace restaurant hybrid. It’s pretty hard to describe. We somewhat get lost, see fish getting cooked on a grill, and immediately sit down there because we all know thats what we want. A few miniutes later a whole grilled fish is sitting in front of us. Nell is ecstatic as we all scarf the fish, one of the better ones I’ve ever had.

To cap off the night we meet Nell’s friend Alex who also lives in New York for some cheese and wine. Mom and I leave them alone after it gets pretty late, and away we go to slumber land.


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