Am I Ready for This?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The day has finally arrived.  Rich has been gone on his cross country bike trip since May 31 and it is finally time to go and snatch him back to reality. (if you haven’t been keeping up with his journey you can take a peek here: Rich’s Bike Blog

I am leaving in the morning with intentions to drive about 500 miles to Las Vegas. . .. . . . . . . . . . New Mexico.  I am certain it is a booming hot spot.  Maybe I will find a couple of interesting photos or possibly some interesting EATS, but we shall see.  To those of you who devotedly kept up with our Spain trip, I apologize in advance that most likely Tony Bourdain will NOT be in Las Vegas, NM.

Here is my proposed route.

I plan to stop in Evansville, IN and stay with my parents for a few days.  They have already sent the menu:

“We are thinking of cooking a pork butt on the Big Green Egg Sautrday, 8/20, along with macaroni salad;  brisket on the Big Green Egg Sunday, and baked beans Sunday 8/21;  Fish Chowder on Monday 8/22 after golf, and a frosty fishbowl of Miller Lite at the Hilltop Inn, (perhaps gizzards for appetizers), vintage on Tuesday after golf, and a frosty fishbowl of Miller Lite at the Gerst House.  If anyone would like to join us, please advise so we plan the amount to cook.”

If you have never had a “Frosty Fishbowl” you don’t know what you are missing. I can’t wait.

I am also planning on visiting my girlfriend, Trish in NJ and playing golf with her (yeah, Trish!)

The rest of the trip is still coming together.  Rich and Jack have been invited to make a presentation of their adventure to Rich’s Mom’s community so we will be stopping in PA for sure.  Then on down to the Myrtle Beach area before dropping off Jack in Georgia.  After that it is Florida or bust.

This is shaping up to be a pretty good trip!



4 thoughts on “Am I Ready for This?

  1. hahaha – I can just picture him asking you “what ees pork boot and breeskate” and you trying to explain! I am sure he would be very welcome and would love it!! Come on over. (hurry)

  2. Hey Linda,
    I will expect a full explanation of the frosty fishbowl. Looking forward to your visit. Tee times and some reservations are already in the works. Drive safely and enjoy every minute.

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