Adventure on the First Day

Friday, August 19

Miles 562

Today started out okay.  I left home around 6:30am, hit up the bank, gassed up the car and sailed along the Beeline towards Payson.  Then, a little light came on telling me to “check gas filler cap.”  No problem.  I stopped, tightened it down and fired up the X5.  Light went off.  Several miles later a little light came on telling me to “service engine soon.”  Hmmmmm.  I just had the car serviced before I left so I was thinking this had to be a small problem that I could ignore for a bit.

This is as good as it gets in Payson:

Since I had decided to take the backroads instead of interstate for a while, I headed west towards Snowflake and eventually Zuni, NM before reaching my final planned destination of Las Vegas, NM.  There were literally no cars on the roads especially when I crossed into NM. Awesome!  However, my joy was short-lived when I was about 10 miles outside of Zuni.  There was an annoying fly that somehow had gotten in during a rest stop.  I tried to put down my window to let him out, but ended up hitting the button for the the back passenger window instead of the driver’s window.  As the window started to go down I heard a sickening “thud.”  Great.  I have heard that sound before.  The window dropped down and the cable snapped leaving me with a window all the way down that would not go up.

This is the THIRD window on this vehicle that this has happened to.  BMW knows this and apparently does not care.  I am sitting in the middle of actual BF Egypt with a window all the way down, back of the suv loaded down (so I can’t park it anywhere. . .) and the engine light is also on.  Happy Times.

Good thing I purchased that iphone.  I quickly surmised that there is a BMW dealer in Albuquerque – about 3 hours away. I hadn’t planned on going through there, but now it looks like I have no choice.  I called them and was put on hold forever.  I finally gave up, started driving and called Amex for roadside assistance.  I explained the problem to them and asked them to call the dealer.  Amex called me back and told me that the BMW dealer told her I could come in, but that they were very busy and could not guarantee that they could get to it today.  Great.

I arrived in Albuquerque around 3:15 – the dealership closes as 5:00.  Immediately the service advisor told me there was no way they would be able to get it done.  It is a 2 1/2 hour procedure, blah, blah, blah.  I would need to spend the night.  Then I poured it on about how I was heading to Maine to pick up my husband who has been riding across the country and what would he do if I can’t get there in tine, blah, blah, blah.  He proceeded to call his mechanic who agreed to stay until the job was done!

The best thing about this stop was the little fellow who was getting a ride on a motorcycle:

Check out the "passenger's" goggles

Fortunately, the dealership had wifi.  I grabbed my laptop out of the car and prepared for a wait.  Unfortunately, I left my reading glasses in the car.  I tried to squint my way through my email, but it was too frustrating.  Ok, maybe I’ll just shop for a new car.

maybe this one. . .
maybe not.
my scenic view

A surprising hour and a half later my car is finished!  Window is repaired, engine light is out (some kind of leak that they fixed) and $$$$ later I am a happy camper.  Albuquerque BMW: YOU ROCK!

I drove another couple of hours and made it to my destination – Las Vegas, NM.  I had made reservations at a small “mom and pop” motel (Regal Motel) that TripAdvisor had given the green light to.  It is no frills, but friendly and clean.  It will do just fine for one night.  Since I gained an hour it was already 8pm by the time I arrived so I quickly looked up where I could find some grub.  Pino’s Family Restaurant is almost next door and it looks like the only game in town.

Pinos was good – very friendly and good food. I had a chicken quesadilla that I saved 1/2 of for tomorrow.  (it was not really picture worthy).

It has been a stressful first day and I am beat.  Cross your fingers for smooth sailing tomorrow!


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