“Home Again In Indiana”

Sunday, Aug 21

541 miles

After a quiet night’s sleep at the Super 8 in Emporia, I woke up and was ready to go.  I tried to time my departure so that I would arrive in Columbia when the Missisippi Fish Shack opened at 11.  I was already having a chicken fit and was imagining munching down on the leg and thigh.

Pretty easy miles to Columbia, this time all on the interstate.  I arrived at what I thought was the correct address around 11:15.  No such place. . .  I got on my trusty iphone and finally came to the grim realization that the Shack was closed down.  Bummer.  Serious bummer.  My chicken fit would go unsatisfied until who knows when.

Back on the road with a Subway 6-inch Veggie sandwich.  Just not the same.  That’s ok – I know I am in for some serious brisket tonight in Evansville.  Once again I rode the interstate and headed towards St. Louis.  I did hear some pretty good songs on the Sirius Satellite country station:

“Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger When You Go Out At Night?”

“She Took Me to the Cleaners and Now I Am All Washed Up”

“I’m Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our House So That You Will Feel More at Home”

When I got into St. Louis I immediately saw the arch, but could not get my camera out fast enough.  Then, the highway was shut down and Mandy (my gps) and I got into an argument about how to detour.  As we were winding in and out of downtown St. Louis I looked up and we were directly beside the arch!

I finally managed to get OUT of St. Louis (what a mess) and headed on towards my goal – Evansville, Indiana (my hometown).  Just a few hours later and I could tell we were in Indiana:

Indiana Corn

The roads started to look familiar and then I saw the street sign that I had been waiting for:

My street!


It felt really good to turn on Westlake Drive.  A big smile came across my face as my childhood home came into view:

Always a welcome sight

Mom and Dad were sitting out back waiting for me.

They look great and I was so happy to be home again.  We sat around talking for a while and then it was dinnertime.  Yes!  We had the most fanstastic dinner that I have had in several weeks.  Highly-seasoned beef brisket cooked on the Big Green Egg, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, corn on the cob and macaroni salad (with plenty of pineapple).  They even opened a special bottle of “Franciscan” wine.  Everything was fabulous.  I was so sad that John, Janel and Rich were not here to share this with us.

carefully collecting the juices
Carving the beast
The Feast

A perfect ending to a good travel day.  I am very happy that I don’t have to get in the car and drive tomorrow.  It will be good to chill here for several days.  Tomorrow is a golf day and I am looking forward to seeing my mom hit her ball straight down the fairway every time.  Rumor has it that she has NEVER lost a ball.  Dad says she has played with the same ball for the past 5 years.. .





5 thoughts on ““Home Again In Indiana”

  1. It is always good to be home, isn’t it? Dinner looked wonderful, and I can’t believe they shared their August bottle of Magnificat with you! Did you love it?

    I know you’ll have a great time playing golf. Take some lessons from Mom!

  2. Yes Dorothy, there is no place like home. I’m serously thinking of downloading some of those songs….are they on itunes?

    Can’t wait for you to get here….T

  3. By the way, that Magnificat we shared was a gift from Janet and Eric, and we enjoy only one bottle per month. We must now wait until September to open another bottle. Maybe Janet and Eric will be here to share that one with us.

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