Hurricane Party?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Miles: 0

We went to bed last night thinking we had a slim chance of being able to play golf this morning.  However, when we woke up today, it looked like we just might make it.  We decided to head out a bit early to increase our chances.  Fern was supposed to play with us today, but when we arrived at the clubhouse and it started sprinkling, she bowed out.  Too bad.  Trish and I were going to try and play no matter what.  I think the guys in the clubhouse were trying to discourage us because they wanted to close up shop early.  They obviously didn’t know who they were dealing with.

Once we got out on the course, it sprinkled for only a little while and then it was great!  Overcast, windy, a little cool – perfect.   We had the course to ourselves and loved it.

I played great golf today and bettered my score from yesterday.  I ended up with an 84. We finished our 18 and decided to try for 9 more.  When we told the pro in the clubhouse he acted exasperated, but hey – we are the customers here!   Finally some worker came out and started collecting the flags while we were still playing!  It makes for a different game when you are shooting completely blind to the green!

We finally decided to give it up when the rains got more steady.  The guys in the pro shop were happy to see us give it up. . .

After having a New Jersey tomato with chicken salad for a little lunch, Trish called a couple friends who had evacuated their beach homs and were staying nearby.  She invited them over tonight for a “Hurricane Party.”  Tom went and got wine (lines at the liquour store were long due to the storm!) and we are planning on getting pizza.

The tv has been on constantly and we are checking on Irene steadily.  Trish was telling Tom that she heard they were supposed to fill the bathtub with water in order to be able to flush the toilets if water is unavailable.  Tom promptly replied that there was no need.  He would use Pellegrino to flush the toilets if necessary!

Around 5:30 Muriel and Fred showed up after closing up their house.  They both went to school at Indiana University – small world.  We sat around eating, talking and trying to make light of what was coming up the coast very shortly.

Soon thereafter, Bonnie and Ken dropped by.  Both couples are really interesting and we had some lively discussions.  When the topic turned to travel I found out that Bonnie and Ken are planning a trip to Spain in October.  Naturally, I had to get the lowdown.  She explained that they had already been to Southern Spain and loved it.  This time they were going up north.  When I asked them if they were going to visit Pais Vasco she said “yes” and that they would be staying in a tiny little village called Hondarribia.  That is where Janel has been living this summer!  Talk about small world. . .

When they were all getting ready to go we opened the front door and discovered that it was pouring rain and windy like crazy. Looks like the forecasts are correct.  We are supposed to get the brunt of the storm around 2am.  I am going to publish this post NOW so that if our power goes out it won’t make a difference!  Should be interesting to see what the morning will bring.



One thought on “Hurricane Party?

  1. read this post aloud to aldo over breakfast – didn’t quite click til now that you were right in the supposed path of Irene!! take really good care of yourself, momma, and make sure to post an update as soon as possible.

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