Congratulations Rich and Jack!!!

Thursday, Sept 1, 2011

Miles: 42

Today is all about Rich and Jack’s arrival. Rich called me from about 40 miles away and after I dawdled around for a bit I began preparations in earnest.  I gathered my posterboard and markers and made my way into town.  It was nearing lunchtime and I was beginning to get hungry, but didn’t know what I wanted to eat so I started wandering the streets of Bar Harbor.  Soon it became crystal clear what I would have for lunch.

What is a “naked” lobster roll you ask?  Well, a traditional lobster roll is made with chunks of lobster meat mixed with mayo and maybe onion/celery then put basically on a hot dog bun. At this place you could get just the bare lobster on a bun.  Oh yeah baby.

I brought my lunch out to a park bench on the street so I could work on my poster and also watch for the boys. From Rich’s phone call I knew exactly where they would be coming from and I wanted to see them the moment the arrived.

After a while Rich called again and let me know they were only a few miles outside of town.  Time to be at my post.  I positioned myself at the bottom of the hill right at the harbor.  The boys would be riding down the hill directly towards me. I had my camera at the ready and kept staring up the hill looking for them.

Where are they?
Here they come!

It is difficult to describe how great it felt to see the “boys.”  I was beaming with pride and jumping/squealing for joy!  They rode their bikes down the local boat ramp to ceremoniously dip their tires in the Atlantic.

My Heroes

After the hoopla died down we managed to pack up all their gear and bikes and went back to the cabins for a much needed shower.  Then we headed back into town for Happy Hour on the terrace where I was alone last night.  Tonight was so much nicer!

Does this look like a man who just finished a 5,000 mile bike ride?

Dinner was set up at the Looking Glass restaurant way on top of a hill in Bar Harbor.  It is an octagonal building with huge windows on all sides.  The view is fantastic.  We celebrated just the way we left each other way back in Washington – champagne.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner and started catching up on all the things that have happened over the course of the past 3 months.  There is no shortage of things to talk about and I am sure many stories will unfold over the next week of traveling together.



4 thoughts on “Congratulations Rich and Jack!!!

  1. YEAH!!!!! How exciting…they made it, love the sign and they look so nice and CLEAN! Have fun and be safe and keep blogging…I’m just wondering how long it will take before the “boys” start planning their next adventure.

  2. I have been entertained for three months between Rich’s journey and
    :inda’s restaurant stops and golf courses. Thanks for a wonderful
    summer of reading up and envying all the sites you have seen.

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