White Line Fever

Sunday, Sept 4, 2011

Miles: 612 (!)

We knew we had a LOT of miles to go today from BlueBell, PA to Pawley’s Island, SC.  Fortunately, traffic was light because most folks were already at their Labor Day destination.

No pics today – I didn’t think you would want to see the back of Rich/Jack’s heads.

We drove through  6  states today: PA, DE, MD, VA, NC and SC.  It felt like it.  We finally arrived at Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort around 7pm and checked into our condo. This place is a HUGE complex of condos, houses and hotel rooms right on the ocean.  We really wanted an oceanfront condo, but they were booked solid for tonight.  So, we settled for a “scenic” 2br/2ba just for tonight.  We are going to move into an oceanfront unit tomorrow for 2 more nights – a pain, but hopefully worth it for the ocean view.

Our place is even better than expected.  It is quite large with 2 br, 2 ba, living room and kitchen.  It also has a great screened in porch AND a washer/dryer. So much better than us getting 2 hotel rooms.  This way we have a living room/porch area in which to relax together instead of being stuck in a hotel room. We are set city.

The decision for dinner is quick and unanimous – take out pizza and beer.  We just want to chill out in our space.  I volunteer to go get pizza and hit up the Piggly Wiggly for beer/coke.  When I return to the room the boys already have the tv on with a movie running – “No Country for Old Men.”  Great.  We completely veg and enjoy every minute.

We have a tee time at 9:10 in the morning (50% chance of thunderstorms. . .) so it is an early night.


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