Fernandina Beach

Linda and I enjoyed a wonderfully lazy exploration of Fernadina Beach Florida today.  Like we’re retired or something.

Breakfast at the Hampton Inn, then a drive over to Fernandina Beach Country Club for a round of golf.  This is a muni-type course, i.e. low-fee and low-end.  The design was pretty interesting, with holes winding through forested areas and a few very strategically placed trees.  We played the “challenging” South 9-hole course, and followed it by the “forgiving” North 9-hole course.

Unfortunately, my sudden foray into golf after 3 months off has caused my left shoulder muscles to protest in severe fashion.  Today the pain was quite bad upon every ball contact.  I utilized this excuse to shoot a >90 round, and I think my poor play pulled Linda down in the process.  The net result was forgettable golf on both ends.

However, there was one hole where we waited on a foursome of older female club players in front of us.  Approaching one green, we considered playing a short round of “Hitta-Bitty,” but thought better of it.

Hmm...which bitty should I hitty?

After golf, we followed Yelp recommendations to a place called T-Ray’s.  It’s the kind of place we love to go to, known predominantly by residents, winner of local “Best of” awards, and unassuming. The place is a burger-joint extraordinaire, housed in an old gas station.

Our entry put us face to face with a sign reading “Sorry – T-ray’s is closed.”  It was only 1:05PM on a Saturday afternoon.  WTF?  Both Linda and I asked anyway and were told, “Sorry, we’re closed.”    All I can figure is that we must have made some really pitiful expressions, because as we shuffled out the server called after us and told us that we’d be the last order.

A couple a fantastic burgers and fries were our reward.  The server, named Linda, discovered that I’d completed my bike tour, and took this information to several corners of the restaurant, because a bunch of people started asking about it.  One said, “Yeah, look how skinny he is!” so I said, “Yeah, and I started out this big,” gestering a wide waistline.

Linda ordering from Linda at T-Ray's

Afternoon napping and TV football eventually led to happy hour, and our choice was selected to lead us forthright to the Atlantic Ocean beach.   We found Sliders a few miles south of Fernandina Beach, still on Amelia Island.  Popular place, acoustic guitar players, lots of families, adjacent shoreline, outdoor tables, and perfect temperatures and breezes.

At Slider's
Looming iPhone junkie

Our final play for the day took us to a restaurant called 29 South back in Fernandina Beach.  [Warning – more food talk ahead.]  Just about everything on the menu looked great, and we ended up sharing a bowl of Prince Edward mussels, and then sharing a plate of the fried chicken, then a bowl of the “coffee and doughnuts” dessert.   Thoroughly enjoyed, but we concluded that Lu-Lu’s place last night got more cudos from a culinary standpoint.

"Coffee and Doughnuts" dessert at 29 South in Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach is a neat town, especially full of interesting restaurants.  There are dozens here we’d like to try out – we’ll do our best.


4 thoughts on “Fernandina Beach

  1. Nice to see Rich is back in blog rotation! If you go out onto the course again tomorrow perhaps an ortho surgeon will stop by and check out your shoulder!

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