Lazy Day in Fernandina

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Miles: 45

Another quiet night at the Hampton in Fernandina.  We got up for breakfast in preparation of a tee time at Amelia River Golf Club.  Rich had decided last night that he would not play golf today due to his hurt shoulder.  He would come along with me and be my caddy! The folks at Amelia River were super nice and had no problem with Rich riding along with me.  It was fantastic to have him as my caddy and it gave me a feeling of confidence.  How lucky am I?

My caddy studies the situation

I sailed along with no one in front of me for about the first 12 holes.  Then we ran into a group of “goomers” that slowed me down considerably.  Remembering Rich’s attempt at “Hit a Bitty” yesterday, I decided to play a game of my own – “Boom a Gooma”

Which Gooma should I Booma?

After golf we went in search of lunch.  We made a decision to just drive around and see what struck our fancy.  The highway (A1A) lead us south through some beautiful seaside areas and parks and we ended up in St. George at a restaurant called the Sand Dollar.  The setting was beautiful, but the lunch left a lot to be desired.  Ne verthe less, we enjoyed the afternoon and the drive back to Fernandina.

at the Sand Dollar

Naptime and the US Open Tennis filled the remainder of the afternoon.  As the sun was b eginning to set we strolled around the historic district.  It was eerily quiet on this Sunday evening.  Many shops/restaurants were closed.

We found ourselves back at the place we first visited in Fernandina – Brett’s Cafe on the water.  I ordered a Mojito and Rich wanted to try the Longboard – their version of a Long Island Iced Tea.  The bartender warned Rich several times that it was VERY strong.  He was certain that he was macho enough to handle it.

"Are you sure?"

I decided to take a Before and After picture. . .


What do you think?

We walked a few blocks to Arte’s Pizza for dinner.  The place is tiny and assuming and they make a heck of a pie.  We had the mushroom, basil, tomato goat cheese pizza and devoured every slice.  We closed up the place.

Fernandina has been a wonderful first stop on our Florida trip.  Tomorrow we head for the Tampa area to Innisbrook Golf Resort.  Can’t wait to see what is in store for us there.


2 thoughts on “Lazy Day in Fernandina

  1. Hi: Linda I am a little late with this reply but I hope you bought that cute shirt you were looking at at the Willbrook Plantation course. I am looking forward to your golf lessons in Florida. Hope to lean something by way of osmosis.

    Enjoying the blog very much.

  2. Actually, I did not purchase that particular shirt. But I did buy a great one at the Bar Harbor Course (logo is a lobster with a putter!). I will not know how to play the courses in AZ when we come home. Florida golf is VERY different. Glad you are reading and commenting. See you!

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