The Love Boat

Breakfast at the Chattanooga Staybridge Inn pig trough, then a pleasant uneventful drive from Chattanooga TN to Evansville IN today.   We’re a little too early to get any vibrant fall colors, but they’re starting to emerge.

Eastern Tennessee

As we crossed into Indiana and Evansville, Linda turned off our GPS and told me that it would be a “Westside Test” for me to drive directly to Westlake Drive.  Whew, I passed.  The first thing we did was check the Green Egg for heat.  Yup.

Climb aboard the Love Boat.  It was immediately great to see Alice and Chuck.  They look great, the same as ever.  Maybe in their late fifties – that’s about right?  Visiting with them in the basement lair always feels good.  We discussed their recent road trip through Wisconsin and Minnesota.  At one point talk turned to Alan’s boyhood pals Paul Klammer and Bobby, but we couldn’t remember Bobby’s last name.  We got Alan on the phone and got the answer (Hayden) and had a good phone visit with him too.

Climb onboard

Chuck and I discussed the looming consolidation issue.  For the uninformed, a plan to combine the governments of Evansville and Vanderburgh County is currently being passed to voter referendum.  Chuck and I oppose this plan because it is poorly written with too many loose ends, and it will raise taxes for all without accountability.  It will be interesting to see how the issue evolves in voters’ eyes, and we plan to do our part to shape that view. (Read more at

On the card tonight:  a big butt.  Too big to scratch.  There is a nasty interlocking bone in pork butt, and Chuck showed me how, if the roast is perfectly cooked, that bone will pull out clean.  This one did, leading to immediate pickings.  Chuck flavors this so marvelously, with seasonings and marinades, and ultimately slow cooked at low heat wrapped in foil.  Fantastic stuff.  Add homemade cole slaw, mashed potatoes, butttered carrots, homemade biscuits, and a personal bowl of “au jus” for anything and everything.  We’re glad the butt did not get scratched.

Pork butt perfected
Where it all happens

Happy to be in Evansville tonight, snug and comfortable in the Oriental room.   Tomorrow should be fun – golf with Chuck and Alice, then a visit to the Westside’s famous Fall Festival.


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