I’ve received threatening notices to get us home.  Nice to know someone cares enough to threaten.

Meager breakfast at the Super 8 trough in Roswell.  Lots of miles faced us today, so we left relatively early, following US380 west, with a plan to reach Socorro NM for lunch, then head home through Springerville AZ.  Linda’s iPhone chirped with a text message from Janel – she was unfortunately pickpocketed in Madrid only a few hours earlier, so we spent the next hour texting with her and helping her deal with card cancellations and getting new ones.   She was understandably upset about it, but also handled it well.  If I know Janel, she is most upset that she cannot trust people as much as she’d like.

Wide open spaces near White Sands NM

When we finally took some notice, we were in Tularosa NM staring at White Sands Missile Range, about 45 minutes past our planned turnoff to Socorro.  Regrettably, we continued down US70 to the dreadfully boring I10, cranked it up to 80 mph, and continued into Lordsburg NM for gas and lunch.

Trying our best to avoid a chain restaurant, Linda fired up Yelp, and the app led us to one tiny little Corner Café down by the railroad tracks in Lordsburg.  Linda’s Mexican plate and my mushroom burger turned out to be surprisingly above average.  Even my simple ranch-style beans were noteworthy, in a tasty bacon-flavored broth.  Our waiter guy was especially friendly .  We talked with him about travels, and then were entertained while he and the cook snipped at each other.

He finally asked how we happened upon his restaurant, and Linda showed him the Yelp reviews.  Pretty soon he, the cook, and another lady were all gathered around our table bent over Linda’s iPhone reading every word of the reviews.  They couldn’t believe their tiny place had been written up in a national forum.

The Corner Café, Lordsburg NM
The Corner Café, Lordsburg NM

I left during lunch several times to make sure our vehicle and bike were intact where we left them, since this corner of Lordsburg seemed a little scroungy.  When we finally got ready to take off, Linda discovered I’d left my wallet, with a couple of bills hanging out, on the dash beneath the windshield for all to see.


Another 4 or 5 hour roll up I10 has brought us home to Mesa.  The house looks good, except for one mystery.  We found dozens of bird droppings in our living room beneath the chandeliers.   No other sign of birds inside.  No feathers. No dead bodies.  Just droppings.

The mystery continues.  To be resolved…


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Glad you made it home (finally)! Sorry to hear about Nel’s pickpocket experience. I know it bummed her out. And what’s up with the bird droppings???

    1. I believe the container in question is a genuine antique silver jar with black top labeled simply “GREASE.” Doesn’t every kitchen have one of these? I have one. . .thanks, Mom!

  2. It took 8 days, but we finally found the bird. We have had a mockingbird perch on our chimney in mornings, and we figure he must have lost his footing. Curiously, the bird was found almost buried underneath the pillows on our sofa. Mystery solved.

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