It’s Time for a ROAD TRIP!

Tuesday, August 28, 2013
Miles 721 (wow)

Today is the first day of our 2013 Road Trip to Florida. This year we are traveling through Evansville to visit family for Labor Day and then will make our way south with plans to visit Mary (Rich’s stepmom) in Alabama and Jack (bike buddy) in Georgia before our first golf destination – Murrells Inlet South Carolina.  Then we will descend into Florida for a 4-week Golfest!  We will visit some old haunts and also test out some new tracks. I have been planning and re-planning for months to make sure we leave no stone (golf course) unturned.  I hope we are ready for this…

We set out early this morning with an ambitious goal of reaching Amarillo tonight. The trip to Evansville has been broken up into 3 segments and we have decided to put the hammer down especially the first day to make some tracks.

Goodbye Mesa

The scenery going through Eastern Arizona is familiar but beautiful. A breakfast at Nancy’s Cafe in ShowLow provides a decent meal. We drive through Salt River Canyon before turning our sights to New Mexico.  Reluctantly, we make our way up to Highway 40 and start the eastward trek through New Mexico and the Texas panhandle.

Hello New Mexico

Our GPS (Lexi) is virtually silent since we never venture off the highway.  She finally squawks when we reach Amarillo and need to exit towards the Marriot Courtyard.  This is one of our “free” hotels on this trip due to my applying for a plethora of credit cards and thereby gaining thousands of points.

We had already picked out a nearby steakhouse (hey, we’re in Texas), but when we find out we have lost 2 hours and it is almost 8:30 (they close at 9:00) we look elsewhere.  Minutes from our hotel we find the Salt Grass Steakhouse and decided NOT to look at the reviews on Yelp in case it is terrible.

It is not terrible.  In fact, it is very good.  Our server is outstanding even when we tell her we are going to share a steak oh and can you please ask the chef to cut it in half and cook both halves differently? Rich sinks into his chair when I pose that question, but our server doesn’t flinch.

A detailed debate regarding where the best fried chicken in the US can be found takes place while waiting for our meal. We both agree the the absolute best WAS at the Mississippi Fish Shack (“Good Hot Fish”)in Columbia, MO that we discovered on our road trip 2 years ago. However, it has sadly closed its doors.  We also both agree that unless the fried chicken is exceptional we don’t want to waste the calories.  Let us know if you have a secret chicken place!

The two mini-steaks are, in fact, both cooked perfectly.  We enjoy our potatoes (his baked, mine sweet) and especially the home made beer bread.  We are pretty pleased with ourselves for finding this place.

Back at the Courtyard motel we desperately try to find something/anything on tv, but finally give it up and say goodnight.


6 thoughts on “It’s Time for a ROAD TRIP!

  1. Love the new ride . . . very good way to start the trip. I’ve been to Salt Grass in Fort Worth, and it is a nice place. Seems you found the right server too. Looking forward to seeing you both in E’ville on Friday!

  2. Glad to see your new car…. We agree on Nancy’s. Decent – we had received rave reviews on it but found it to be so-so. Will keep track of you
    your great steakhouse in Amarillo. Keep on treking as we are all looking forward to your exciting venture. Dottie

    1. Dottie – I am sure you realize that YOU were the inspiration for the new ride! We love the new color for 2013 (Claret) and it is a hybrid. Yep – Nancy’s was only “decent.” Oh well, you can’t win ’em all.

  3. Enjoy the ride and the new “ride”. I’ll be joining you vicariously as usual. Will miss you on the 5th. Don’t forget the US Open…maybe catch some on TV. Enjoy every minute.

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