The Marriott in Amarillo wanted $8.95 for breakfast this morning.  That price isn’t bad, but, hey, no nickel and dime fees, please.  We ditched it for an IHOP. 2x2x2s for all.

I-40 this morning.  Interstates generally are not our thing, but we’ve decided to make this first leg a beeline, and covered 250 miles to Oklahoma City quickly.

During Yelp planning a few days ago, I’d found a pho place for lunch.  Our GPS got confused in OKC, with an outdated map of I-40 and its exits, but it eventually helped steer us into the heart of an Asian neighborhood where we spotted Pho Thai Nguyen.

Pho Thai Nguyen in Oklahoma City

A good stop with big portions, although we couldn’t come close to finishing them.  Linda’s pho and my chicken fried rice were just right.

Linda took us onward east up I-44.  It is one of the few interstates in the US that charges toll, and everytime we’re on it we wonder why.  Always in bad shape, always in disrepair.  And isn’t federal government money going toward it already?  I spent the passenger time working up a few CORE posts.


Easily into Springfield, MO.  The new wheels are very comfortable and we both notice how effortlessly the miles go by.  Good mileage for an SUV, too, up around 28 mpg.

We are again staying at a Marriott on points.  Tonight’s room has a kitchen, living room, office desk, and two big flatscreen TVs – not bad at all.

Anticipating full stomachs from the pho place, I selected a wine and tapas bar for dinner, and drove into downtown Springfield to find Ophelia’s.  The downtown area of Springfield is sorta neat – they are definitely trying to revive it into a pedestrian area and appear to be succeeding.

Ophelia’s in downtown Springfield MO

Ophelia’s is wonderfully old fashioned inside, beautiful seating and bar area, tasteful lighting, and infectious jazz combo music.  I was immediately reminded of days at Audie Michael’s on the square in Oxford MS.

We started with cava and then settled on a cheese platter with wine.  Perfects eats and the perfect amount.  Manchego, gorgonzola, boursin custard, and parmesan coupled with venison sausage and Genoa salami, along with a pile of grapes and rosemary-salted almonds.

Tapas dinner at Ophelia
Front page of Ophelia’s menu

We wanted to try it, so we also ordered a piece of cheese called Stinking Bishop.  Oh man!  You’ve got to try this stuff to believe it.  Our first impression was that it tastes like “foot.”  The aroma is pure sneakers, maybe old socks.  The taste is better, creamy, vinegary.  We tried it again, and decided, no, not “foot,” maybe “feet.”

A third taste, and we decided “toenails” might be a better description.  Linda took a final bite that included some of the rind, and I eventually did too.  Pow! That’s where the aroma is concentrated.  OK, “toenail fungus.”

We sure had fun with it, though, and were glad we tried it.


5 thoughts on “Stinky

  1. Ugg, I can’t even think about the Stinking Bishop. What could be in there to make it smell and taste so feet! I’ll pass on that if I ever get to Ophelia’s. Thanks for the warning. Where to next? I’ll be waiting…..

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