Indiana Wants Me

Thursday, August 30, 2012
Miles 388

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Let us know if you are old enough to remember that tune!

Nice short day today – well planned, Rich. Breakfast at Residence Inn and we hit the ground running. The drive is pretty and we make our way through some Missouri vineyards and farmlands. The real goal lies ahead in Indiana and I am chomping at the bit to get there. After a coffee/P stop at McP’s I take over the driving. Hammer time.

What was this guy thinking???

As we approach St. Louis we catch a glimpse of the arch and I make a weak suggestion to visit the Lumiere Casino where Diane and I stayed and played in a golf tourney back in April. The idea does not catch on and we keep moving.

We finally make it to the Indiana border and the car starts to act like a horse on it’s way back to the barn. I always forget how beautiful the Evansville countryside is and am loving the drive through the Westside of Evansville to my childhood homestead. We take notice of many “Vote No” on Re-Organization signs that are highly visible in people’s front yards. (For those of you who don’t know, my dad is one of the spearheads of a grassroots movement in Evansville to prevent consolidation of the outskirts of Evansville where they live into the city proper. With election day quickly approaching, things are heating up. For more info you can go here  )

We are here!

It is great to be back “home” and mom and dad are looking super. We have a really nice, quiet evening with them before the wild rumpus starts tomorrow (Janet and Eric are driving from Illinois and Johnny and Koriel are flying in from California).

Preparations for dinner get underway:

Rich and Dad had the beginning of many discussions about the Evansville Consolidation. Yes – notice that the top of Rich’s head just barely skims the ceiling in the basement kitchen. I don’t have a problem in there.

Tonight’s dinner was only the beginning of what I am sure is to be a foodie’s paradise. We had Wild Kentucky Lake Catfish, homemade macaroni/cheese, all day white beans, cornbread and fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Wow.

After dinner we retired to the outside patio where the weather was gorgeous and Rich wowed us with his phone app that identifies constellations. The moon was HUGE and bright. Great topper to a fantastic day!


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