Let the Insanity Begin

Morning coffee in the master suite is a beloved Love Boat ritual, and Linda and I thoroughly enjoyed it this morning.  Chuck very soon dismissed himself to fix perfect eggs over easy, sausage patties, and fried cornmeal mush.

Where it all starts
Perfect morning breakfast
Breakfast cleanup

Mid-morning the big Green Egg was fired up (gently mind you).  A beautifully seasoned pork butt was deposited for careful hours at 220F.  The four of us soon departed for the airport – let the show begin!

The Green Egg

John and Kori’s plane was right on time from Chicago.  Yay!  It was supremely good to see them both, looking so fine!  Kori was introduced to Alice and Chuck.

I think they’ll be tenth

We took a scenic return through north and western Evansville back to Westlake Drive, and then took a tour through the Weisling domain.

Grand tour

In only minutes, Janet and Eric arrived from Lincoln!  Let the insanity begin!  They carted in bag after bag of fresh produce from Eric’s garden – beautiful tomatoes, okra, and beets.

Linda opened this Double Cola, which Janet dutifully ignored

We finally retired to the basement lair where everyone did some catching up.  While corn was shucked, the family threw a variety of antics and laughs at Kori and she handled everything with real style.

The gathering spot

Dinner time – the main event.  The pork butt was shredded, the corn was plated, the mashed potatoes bowled, the okra piled, the maters sliced, and the cooked apples dusted with cinnamon.  Although she’d been warned, Kori then witnessed (and participated in) 2 hours of the family’s very favorite pasttime – talking about food, over food.  In one way or another, every family member around the table is a foodie, and everyone regards the topic with a degree of importance.

Group picture
The main event

Mass cleanup afterwards.  After such preparations, Chuck and Alice are always asked to sit and relax, and somehow they always seem to get involved anyway.  The party finally moved outside under the stars.  We wondered what tomorrow would bring – nice weather or the forecasted rain from Isaac. We played with a stars app on the iPhone.  And we looked at frogs and toads in the driveway, attracted to the bugs who are attracted to the dusk-to-dawn light.


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