Still Crusin’ on the Love Boat

Saturday, Sept 1, 2012

(My image hosting site is being finicky. I am going to publish and see if the pics will load.  Will revisit tomorrow)

It feels great to wake up this morning knowing that we have a houseful.  The two that are missing (Alan and Janel) are sorely missed and are talked about frequently.  This morning it is especially nice to welcome Johnny and Koriel into the Master Bedroom coffee spot. Rich and John scheme how to add a huge tv screen to drop down from the ceiling in this space.

Breakfast preparations are underway in the upstairs kitchen.  This morning we are being treated to Papa’s Pancakes – a delicacy that has wowed all who have been lucky enough to partake.
I am the designated flunkie this morning who cleans everything as fast as the cook puts it down.  I have been accused of taking implements still in use right out from under the chef’s nose.

Since it is obvious that Koriel is the most artistic of our bunch, she is enlisted again this morning to set the table.  Her napkin folding skills are a thing of beauty!

Soon breakfast/brunch is served and we take the requisite group picture.  The spread before us on the table is unbelievable.

After breakfast everyone settles in for the morning.  Some work:

Some take their post breakfast nap (not to be confused with the afternoon nap which oftentimes is preceded by the  “pre-nap”)

Of course, with a group this size, many planning lists must be consulted.

Can you figure out what this one means?

When we recover from our food coma we toss around ideas of what to do today.  By all accounts we are supposed to get hammered with the after effects of Hurrican Isaac, but so far we have not seen much to speak of.  It is decided that the local Howell Par 3 Golf Course might be interesting. . . Five of us agree to go and clubs are gathered (3 clubs + putter only).

Would you let these goobers on your golf course?

What a blast!  We had to split into two groups – John/Koriel/Rich and Linda/Janet following behind.  Both Koriel and John we real troopers and hit some great shots.  John even actually parred a hole.  At the end of our 9 holes Rich thought he had whipped me with his 2 over par, but I came in at 1 over!

Got to love the Par 3. After a strenuous round of golf we are all very, very thirsty.  There is only one solution.  Fishbowls of beer at the Gerst Haus are just the ticket.

Tonight’s meal plan was originally to go to the Log Inn for dinner.  The Log Inn is a restaurant housed in a historic building that used to be a stagecoach stop.  It also has some historical connection to Abe Lincoln.  However, it is about an hour away from home and we decided that we really don’t want to drive all that way.  Since many of us are having a “chicken fit” (a state whereby you MUST have fried chicken or you might wither away) we change plans and are going to head to the Hilltop Inn which is a local favorite known for their fried chicken and catfish “fiddlers.”

Pre-dinner plans are underway when we return from golf.  Mom and Dad have been busily preparing vegetable crudite, blue cheese sauce, chips, onion dip. The star of the show are the home made jalapeno poppers that are being fired on the Big Green Egg grill out back.

We all make our way to the back patio for appetizers and Happy Hour.  Conversation flows easily and a variety of topics are zooming around.  There are great recollections of funny childhood stories.  Johnny has to be convinced that he had a happy childhood even though it is brought up that there are so many fewer pics/videos of him than Janel…

The weather is perfect – great temp, breezy, nice and we enjoy sitting outside for a couple of hours.

Dinner at the Hilltop is a success.  A platter of gizzards/livers with milk gravy is ordered and subsequently devoured by everyone.

That is soon followed by plates of expertly fried, hot, crispy chicken.  Heavenly. When was the last time I had fried chicken?

Another awesome day in Evansville comes to a close.  We finally see evidence of Isaac as we pull into the garage and the skies open up.  A great thunderstorm provides quite a nightime show.


4 thoughts on “Still Crusin’ on the Love Boat

  1. All sounds well in Heavensville except for your computer which did not send a single photo only gibberish. I was thankful since I can’t stand the thoughts of those delicious pancakes being on display and never to enjoy them. If your sister shows up with the homemade blueberry syrup it will bring tears to my eyes and droul to my computer keys.

    Keep having fun…..miss ya!

  2. Linda, What a wonderful day this was from our pancake breakfast through dinner at the Hilltop. We miss you. It’s quiet here today. Mom

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