Core Family Flavor

Creamed chip beef on toast started our 3rd morning on the Love Boat.  This dish has status not only due to its flavor, but that Alice and Chuck used to enjoy it while both with the Navy, where they met so many years ago.

SOS group picture
Chuck and Alice

Chuck and Eric fired up the Green Egg again and in went a gloriously huge prime beef brisket that Eric had brought from Lincoln.

Call the fire department

Isaac’s intermittant rains and general steaminess drove us indoors today, so the pinball machine got some early action from John and Koriel.

Don Day stopped by for a visit and delivered a CORE2012 tee shirt to Rich.  [I am quite proud of it, too.]  We talked about the status of sentiment and ongoing CORE actions, which will heat up this fall.  Please read a ton more at the website Chuck and Rich keep:

A game of Rummy Royale soon sprouted between John, Koriel, Linda, Janet, Rich, and Chuck.  While Janet stirred the action at the table, Rich failed to win a kitty (well, one), and John got boxed out of a 6-7-8.  Still, in the end, it was John who emerged victorious.

Rummy Royale
Janet wants all the cards, and chips too.

Alice and Chuck have hosted a mother deer and two fawns for some weeks, and the mother visited the backyard in the late afternoon for us. What a treat!  Linda had never seen one in the backyard like that.

The mother deer (we didn’t see the young-ins).

Dinner time!  Beef brisket, green beans and potatoes, Eric’s fresh tomatoes, carrots, and foccaccia.  Wow.  Much talk with John and Koriel, the stars of the show.

Another group picture
Cheers – let’s eat

After cleanup, Chuck and Rich worked up CORE issues, while Janet and Linda sifted through old photographs.  Some of Rich and Janel’s recent Europe photos were presented, but when Alice nodded off, the show was put on hold.

Everyone has taken note of how well Koriel has weathered the “onslaught” of a family gathering, and in fine style.


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