Happy Labor Day!

Monday, September 3, 2012
Labor Day

I wake up this morning with the realization that this is a Goodbye Day. Janet/Eric and Johnny/Koriel are all taking off today. There is a little feeling of sadness that permeates the air. However we all know my Mom’s saying is true – “You have to leave so you can come back.”

Breakfast is another wonderful family gathering. Koriel has been designated as “Napkin Folder/Table Decorator” and we are all amazed at her handiwork.

Today we are served scrambled eggs, fresh sausage and mom’s special biscuits with gravy.  A food coma will surely follow.  The conversation at breakfast turns to stories of how each couple met.  I love hearing Janet and Eric’s story of meeting as volunteer firefighters; Mom and Dad’s story of meeting in Seattle while both were in the Navy and Koriel and John’s story of meeting on Facebook.  (how times have changed!)  Of course, Rich and I tell our story of meeting in Music Theory class in Mississippi.  Good stuff.


Janet and Eric are the first to go.  They will be driving back to Illinois today and are eager to see their dog, Zeke.

After they leave we are visited once again by the mother deer and her two fawns.  They come by every morning and evening for a little grass snack in the yard.

Next to go are Koriel and John.  They spend their last minutes gathering their things and making snacks for the long trip back to LA.

The goodbyes at the airport are tough.  We are all so happy that they took the time and effort to make the trip from California to be with family. It was great for everyone to meet John’s girl and vice versa.  Happy Birthday, Johnny!

long walk to the terminal
You have to leave so you can come back


The four of us return home and relax while looking at some old pictures and re-hashing the weekend events. Tonight is a simple supper of a beautiful salad with home made vinaigrette (and okra), garlicky potatoes and a small grilled steak.  We popped open a special bottle of red wine (Magnificat).  It must be noted that we tried our best to get Dad to open a bottle of his treasured Opus 1 wine to no avail.  Howevere, the Magnificat was magnificent!

Our group has gotten significantly smaller

We sat outside after dinner and continued to cuss and discuss the Evansville Re-Organization efforts (just say NO).  I am sure we solved most of the problems.


2 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day!

  1. Can’t believe you opened the September bottle of Magnificat! But I suppose it is a great way to celebrate the wonderful weekend we all had.

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