Off to Florence

Just the four of us this morning, so Linda and I decided that we’d grab some coffee and cereal, and take to the road.  But not before Linda grabbed a special photo of Alice.

Sitting on go

Alice created a golf towel recognizing Linda’s hole-in-one last fall (  Since she’s added it to her golf bag, Linda’s girlfriends all want one, but, of course, to receive the commemorative, a hole-in-one is required.  So now, each time one of them hits a par-3 shot, instead of yelling, “In the hole!’ they all yell, “Call your mom!”

Well, Mom has needle at the ready – just sink one!  The blue one has your name on it, Diane.

Off south on a route designed by Chuck.  We ducked southwest through Marion KY, skirting the top of Kentucky Lake, then south through Paris TN where we had lunch.

In Paris, Yelp took us off route for a few miles to Trolinger’s BarBQ.  The place was packed so we knew it would be good.  The place is actually a medium-sized grocery store with a food counter in the back.  What was cool about it is that you get your sandwich made-to-order at the rear counter, grab a drink, grab something else from any shelf, and then just sit and eat.  When you’re done, you just walk through a regular grocery check-out aisle and tell them what you had.

Trolinger’s BarBQ
Trolinger’s BarBQ, Paris TN

Linda and I have really noticed the fatigue-free miles we’ve driven in the new Lexus.  Today’s drive was also accented by exceptional mileage.  From Evansville IN to Florence AL average 34.1 MPG – that is really good for a mid-sized SUV.  We think the rolling hills and many small towns played into the strengths of the hybrid system.

Great mileage average Evansville to Florence

We stopped at two different groceries stores for dinner provisions, since we’d decided it would be fun to cook at Mary’s house.  Then on to Mary’s house!

Mary greeted us outside looking great.  I think we all knew the visit was short, so for the next 7 hours we visited so busily that we hardly even took any photographs.  Mary caught us up on house business, family news, mutual acquaintances in Florence, and local happenings.  And we played with her cat Babygirl.

In Mary’s living room
Concentrated visiting

Linda cooked up a really delicious chicken and spinach parmesan over thin spaghetti, and after dinner we regrouped back in the great room.  By the time anyone noticed the clock, it was already 11:00pm!


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