Last Day in South Carolina

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The skies are kind of dark when we wake today – looks like we are going to get soaked on the golf course.  The plan today is to play “our” course – Wachesaw Plantation East.  No need to get in the car.  We simply get our clubs out of the back and walk a few yards to the pro shop.

I am fully prepped with all my rain gear and we are lightly sprinkled on whilst on the putting green.  Strange how we appear to be the only golfers out this morning… But, the temps are nicer than they have been (70’s) and we march on. As it turns out, this was a great morning to play.  Cool temps and NO rain!  We really lucked out.  The wet conditions of the course due to overnight rain make it rather difficult.  We get virtually no roll and club selection is critical – you must club up to land on the green.  No bump and run here.

Tough carry shots on this course

The course is not as beautiful as Caledonia, but it is quite nice.  I end up having a really good round.  Maybe I am getting used to these conditions. Rich is struggling today due to a sore shoulder. (too much golf, too soon?) I hope his affliction won’t hinder all the golf that lies ahead.

The clubhouse dining room at Wachesaw is not as inviting as thoses at Caledonia/True Blue so we decide to head for the beach to get lunch.  I Yelped and found River City Grill in Surfiside and we drive a bit north.  The drive there is starting to get that “cheesy” Myrtle Beach look with tacky tourist shops selling fireworks and stuffed sharks.  Kind of interesting.

River City Grill is a casual beach eatery right on the water facing the Surfside Pier.  Burgers are the thing here and we choose one to share.  While waiting we have fun watching the resident pigeons fight over dropped shells of the complimentary peanuts served on all the tables.Our Ranchero Burger (with bacon and ranch dressing) is pretty good and just what we wanted.

View from River City

Burger and fries

Back at the condo Rich crashed and burned for a couple of hours and I messed around on the internet and washing a load of laundry.  We leave here tomorrow and it is always nice to start out with fresh clothes.  This is where it is great to have a condo with living room, washer/dryer, etc.  Much better than a sterile hotel room for just hanging out.

In the early evening we wind up at the Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk.  This time we actually walk out on the boardwalk and enjoy the live music drifting by as well as the views across the marsh.  There are restaurants/bars lining part of the boardwalk so we walk the length of it to determine where to stop for Happy Hour and also where to have dinner tonight.

Murrell’s Inlet Marsh Walk

Can you find the bubble in this pic?

We liked the vantage point of Drunken Jack’s patio and snag a seat at the porch bar for Margheritas.  Fantastic perch to watch the sunset glow across the marsh. Rich is having a “shrimp fit” after our pile of shrimp last night so he orders a shrimp cocktail.  We are disappointed to say the least when our order arrives and it is 5 shrimp with cocktail sauce!  All this for about $7.50 when we have 1.5 lbs of shrimp last night for $15!

Perch at Drunken Jack’s
Golden sunset

Once again, Yelp helps us make a decision on dinner.  We turn the corner and end up at Wahoo’s.  Wahoo’s is a Tiki Bar type of place that is tacked onto the end of a fancier restaurant (Divine Fish House).  We take a look at the menu and decide it is a go.  The weather is perfect for sitting outside.

Our server is fantastic and remarks that she is happy that most of the tourists have left the area so that she can spend more time with each table.  She is very knowledgeable about the food and steers us to some great choices. We start with the seared tuna with a 7 pepper blend crust.  It is outstanding.

Beautiful seared tuna

Our shared entree is a fish that neither of us has had before – Golden Sea Bass also known as Corvina.  We order it simply grilled with asparagus and rice pilaf. Wow. I have eaten a LOT of fish in a lot of places.  This one rates right up there in the top 2 or 3 for me along with the John Dory at Nino’s in NY (remember, Mom?) and the grilled Turbot in Getara, Spain. (The John Dory was a “special” that both Mom and I ordered without knowing the price.  It was absolutely fantastic until we got the bill.  I think it was close to $50 each!) (You can read about the Turbot here.)

Our Corvina

We finished off the meal with a creme brulee and the rest of our bottle of Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc.  A stroll back down the boardwalk with all the evening lights lit was a great ending to the day.


4 thoughts on “Last Day in South Carolina

  1. Such a special day. Your seared tuna looked wonderful. Was that tuna served with an orchid? And I certainly do remember Nino’s sea bass. That bass was the best fish I’ve ever eaten.

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