Golf, golf and more golf!

Monday, September 11, 2011

We remember 2001.

Up early at 6:30 in order to work in breakfast before golf today.  Breakfast is complimentary on our package and is served at The Club where we had dinner last night.  Rich realizes he does not have his reading specs when the menu arrives and I offer my pink pair.  The server gets a kick out of Rich wearing the sissy glasses.

Looking Pretty in Pink?

Oatmeal for me and French Toast for Rich.  We breakfast and consider what might await us on the course.

The golf setup at the Grand Cypress consists of 3 distinct nines (North, South and East) plus another 18 hole course (the New Course). Today we are scheduled to play South/North.  When we are greeted by the starter he tells us that when the LPGA girls played here they hated the South Course – too hard!

The South didn’t look so bad…

until we got on the greens.  I have never ever played on greens that had so many contours. Finally we decided that it didn’t even reward you for reaching the green – you were either going to roll off (into a bunker) or break completely differently than it looked. Combine that with lightning quickness, long yardages overall and very well protected greens (bunkers/water) and you have the makings of a very frustrating 9!

There was one bright spot on one of the difficult par 3’s.  Rich hit a tee shot that was destined for the hole.  I was ready to call my mom to start embroidering Rich a towel.  The ball stopped just barely short of the hole.  He didn’t even need to take his putter to the green – less than a tap in Birdie (and we didn’t even have our Birdie Bottle).

Can you believe this pin placement?
Not even long enough to bother tapping in. Way to go!

We were happy to end the South and start in on the North.  It was a bit more manageable, but the greens were still quite difficult.  I had my moment of glory (luck!) when I was just barely off the front of a green and the pin was in the back.  Rich reminded me that according to the “pro tips” in our cart this green slopes dramatically away from the front.  Ignoring that advice I slammed my 40 ft putt towards the stick.  It went like a bullet at the hole,  hit the stick hard and ricocheted off the pin.  It had so much forward momentum that it rolled backwards right back in!  Rich was stunned.

We have double rounds scheduled for every day we are here and figured we would actually make a decision whether to continue when each time came.  Today we both felt like we were put through the ringer and decided to go in for lunch to cuss and discuss.Our bartender from last night was serving again at the bar and we enjoyed jawing with him.  Rich ordered the French Dip and I had the Cobb Salad.  Both were outstanding.

Great bar area at The Club

Surprisingly enough Rich was ready to go back out for more punishment.  The course was empty and we flew around.  I played much better on the second round and was glad we returned.

A pompous ass in the pampas grass?

On one of our finishing holes we met a little friend. While we were away putting on a green we saw him approach our parked cart.  He went all the way around it sniffing for a treat.  Fortunately we had nothing to at in the cart.  He stayed nearby when we got in the cart and at one point almost climbed in with us – freaked me out a little!

After our second round, Rich returned to the room to work on some CORE website items and I took off to find Whole Foods to get some treats for dinner tonight.  The concierge at Villas of Grand Cypress had given us a beautiful fruit/cheese plate and we saved it for tonight.  I wanted to get a few supplemental items, plus Prosecco (of course).  When I returned I fixed up a beautiful “picnic” dinner for us and we spent the evening nibbling and watching tv.  Fantastic!


5 thoughts on “Golf, golf and more golf!

  1. I would have been overjoyed to embroider a “hole in one” towel. I was sure that anniversary fruit and cheese would be enjoyed.

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