South-East Golf; Happy Anniversary

The Grand Cypress morning routine:  up, dress, free breakfast at the Club, and get ready to golf!

Morning path to the Club
Breakfast “griddle”

Today’s challenge: a combination of the South and East nines.  Oh no, not the horrendous South again…  We ended up playing this combination twice with a shared burger at the Club in between.  Another 36-hole day.

The picture below is a good example of brutality of the South course.  This is the par-5 6th hole.  I’ve hit 2 almost perfect shots (for me) to get to this spot, but I’m still 200 yards from the pin.  The green is a full carry over that water, and elevated on what we started calling “Devil’s Tower” (center of photo).  The approach side of the green is very narrow, so you have to carry it all the way to the middle or back of the green.  Even if you are lucky enough to get the ball on the green, you then have to contend with fast complex contours – and it’s even easy to putt the ball back off the tower.

South #6 – Devils’ Tower

By the way, I missed this shot, pulling it left of the green.  The ball bounced off the left slope of the tower and into the water.  Score another 7.  Maybe I should have layed up.

We moved on to the East nine and found it much more sane.  Below is actually a neat island par-3.  On our second play, we took these pictures.  Linda expertly hit this ball up onto the green and parred the hole.

Island par-3 on the East nine

Below is an example of exactly what NOT to do off the same tee.  I hit it fat with divot flying.  You can even see the ball (above the pine tree) on its dying duck flight into the water.

Exactly what NOT to do

Yet another typical hole, this one on the East nine.  I’m clearly off the fairway, but most shots ON the fairway still require this carry over trees to reach the green.

Gotta carry the trees

We are loving Grand Cypress golf courses but they are certainly challenging.

A power nap, happy hour, then dinner.  Tonight is our anniversary (we are still celebrating from May) and we decided to have a special dinner at the resort’s signature restaurant Nine18.  We started with a wine course, skipped the appetizer, and then shared an entree of filet mignon and a second one of yellowtail snapper.  We especially enjoyed the cabernet sauvignon served by the glass.  We have not had a cabernet in a while and almost forgot how good they are.

Special dinner at Nine18

We capped off our evening with another late night dip in the pool and waterfall hot tub.  I especially liked the return barefoot walk through the nighttime resort streets in our terry cloth robes.


2 thoughts on “South-East Golf; Happy Anniversary

  1. I’m sure I see a shopping bag in Linda’s hand above….another birdie bottle perhaps. I told my group about the tradition today and we all voted it a go but we are thinking maybe Bailey in the bottle for our little toasts. Since we had 3 birdies today….it might make for interesting golf.
    I won’t give up on reading as long as you keep having fun! That view looks so Ahhhhhhhh!

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