To Sanibel Island

One last free breakfast at the Grand Cypress Club.  I ordered a bowl of Raisin Bran, and then a short stack of blueberry pancakes.  This was about 300% more than I could eat.  No big deal – the pancakes were a “C” at best.

Who ordered these pancakes?
Final breakfast at the Club

One last Grand Cypress round today.  We got paired up on the North nine with a couple from Scotland, although the girl was not golfing.  The guy told the starter that he was a 6 handicap.  This is often an indication that a golfer is really something like a 26, since most good golfers would not state their handicap, especially before a round.

But we hit it off immediately with them both, and very soon Frank was showing us that he indeed was a for-real 6 handicap – a great ball striker and careful putter.  We frequently discussed travel in America (he and Emma come here every year) and in Europe.  Of course, it was fun listening to their Scottish accents.  Each time one of us would hit a good shot, Frank would say, “Lovely.”

At the turn, Frank said they were scheduled to play the South nine, and we advised him of its brutality.  We believe we were scheduled to play the much-more-agreeable East nine.  With Frank was relishing the challenge, we haltingly agreed to have a go at the South, for us the fifth time.  Today’s pin placements were the most brutal yet, and this on an already wicked course.

On the par-3 South #3, we watched almost with humor as the foursome in front of us actually putted a ball into the water, due to extreme grades and a sickish pin placement.  However, we weren’t laughing when we had to putt on the same green, and nearly dunked 2 balls ourselves.

On the South #9 tee box, just before the rains

On #9, the weather finally kicked up and let loose a heavy shower just as we were approaching the green.  I had to laugh as Frank and Emma sat waiting in their cart, while Linda jumped out into the downpour ready to putt.  I followed her out and Frank soon followed, and we putted out in the wind and rain, thoroughly soaked.

Showers on the South #9 green

We added it up – we played 126 holes of golf here at Grand Cypress in 3-1/2 days.  Replays are free in September, and each day we just couldn’t pass it up.

One last lunch at the Club, mine a chicken Caesar and Linda’s a panini.  We left our room, checked out, and especially enjoyed that we’d barely lugged a golf bag once during the entire stay – the bags just seemed to magically disappear at check-in, show up on our cart each day, and show up at check-out.

A summary note about Grand Cypress.  This place COMPELTELY has its act together.  Supremely welcoming staff – everyone is pleasant and helpful.  Excellent food at both the Club and Nine18.  Very nice spacious rooms.  Excellent and varied (although sporadically very challenging) golf courses in very good condition.  Great ultra-friendly golf staff.  This place gives our favorite PGA National a run for its money – I might even give it the nod.

Into Lexie (sorry, that name seems to be sticking) for a drive south.  Linda took us the whole way, mostly by backroads, through Winter Haven, Wauchula, Arcadia, Fort Myers, and finally across the bridge onto Sanibel Island, ~ 4 hour drive.  At our condo, we found 2 bicycles and a beach umbrella waiting for us ouside at the carport, just as Linda had requested.

Crossing the bridge onto Sanibel Island
Bikes and umbrella, just like I master-planned it

The condo is great, on the 3rd floor with a sweet view of the ocean.  These condos are rented through an association but are owned by individuals, with each one decorated differently.   Nice little kitchen and bedroom, beautiful screened patio, and full complement of DirecTV channels.  Immediately homey – I love it.

Good view
Good place for a few days

After such a long day, we didn’t want to cook.  Linda had a sudden idea that the grocery store might have rotisserie chicken.  Sure enough, we found a selection of them at Jerry’s Foods and picked out one with a garlic crust.  Add in pre-made salad, a bottle of wine, and the “Shark Tank” on TV – instant evening.


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