Same Old, Same Old…

Friday, September 21, 2012

You know the drill.  Get up, go to breakfast, golf. One new wrinkle – it is misting a light rain this morning.  We are prepped with our rain gear and decide to continue on with the plan.  The Palmer is our course this morning and when we show up at the first tee we note that we are behind a couple of foursomes.  Great – another marathon round.  Ok, we pull up the club cover on our cart and steel ourselves.

A little rainy today

After a couple of holes the ranger (Bill) encourages us to can skip the next couple of holes and it will be smooth sailing for us.  Nobody in front of us the rest of the way and then we can come back and play the holes we missed.  We agree and he escorts us past the foursomes.  Sweet – we are now leading the pack.  Oh, and it has stopped raining.

Did my ball stay dry?

We both have a pretty decent round today despite the mushy conditions of the fairways.  Maybe we are getting used to this Florida golf.  When our round is done we elect not to continue the punishment for the afternoon.  We are hanging up our clubs for the day.

Lunch is in the iBar again where we sit at the bar and watch the golf Tour Championship.  For some reason, Rich wants his own lunch today so we do not share (big mistake!).  He has a burger and I have a crab BLT that is awesome (but HUGE).

lunch at the iBar

A large nap is in order after lunch.  I think all the golf and the early mornings have finally caught up with me and I pass out.  We make a stab at going to the pool in the late afternoon.  Soon after our arrival it clouds up and threatens to pour down so we run back in.

Neither one of us is hungry for dinner tonight.  Rich decides that he would like some Cheerios (!) and makes a run in the rain to grab some from the car. A glass of milk from the Pronto Cafe and he is set.  I pass.

A little TV and a lot of sleep complete our exciting evening!


5 thoughts on “Same Old, Same Old…

  1. Your day today sounds like us normal folks….except maybe for the delicious lunch and the cheerios. Miss you guys….I’m starting to think of AZ and seeing you soon…..

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