Golf Time

This morning we drive north to Lutz, Florida and check in at the TPC Tampa Bay.  We sense it is sort of a grumpy-old-man kind of clubhouse, but we’re soon out on the 1st tee, ahead of a couple foursomes.

As Trish would say, “1 in a row!”

By now you know the drill.  Eighteen holes, lunch, then eighteen more.  The morning round was wet and humid.  The afternoon round was better – drier – albeit swampy hot.  The course itself is quite beautiful and well maintained.  Linda played some very good golf here, shooting a lovely 81 including 2 birdies on her morning round.  I did not play too badly either, although the layout of this course is not really to my liking.

Chipping up through the Spanish moss
Call Mom! (nope)
My frozen Snickers for the 2nd round
Linda played some of her best golf so far here
I’d never seen a viceroy butterfly in the wild before

The staff was a bit less friendly than at most of the resorts where we’ve played, especially the glum staffer who met us at the cart return.  Oh well – you play enough golf you see a pretty wide spectrum of course operations.

We found Land & Sea Market on the way home and spent an hour looking at practically everything on their shelves.  We considered some mondo shrimp (4-count!) until we found out they were $30/lb.  We just couldn’t eat $7.50 shrimp.

Land & Sea Market

We settled on some great looking grouper and fresh broccoli, and headed back to the condo. Grilled grouper with garlic and lemon, jasmine rice, steamed broccoli, and The Voice.  Presto – another fine day, another fine evening.


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