Golf Time III

Doggone – a migraine for me this morning.  Possibly caused by too much golf (ah I jest).

Linda took off for the course.  I spent the whole morning dozing in bed shaking it off, with the Day 1 Ryder Cup on quietly.  The morning matches turned out to be very interesting, with Tiger playing terribly, and Phil and Keegan playing wonderfully.

Wet AM conditions on Emerald Greens Meadows course

On the course, Linda encountered a huge snapping turtle lumbering across an elevated green.  It eventually dragged itself through a sand trap and then, to Linda’s surprise, flung itself off a 6-foot wall to the bank below.

Big snapper
Keep fingers away

Linda returned about noon.  She’d played a solo round, and had struggled a bit with her game.  She left for town and returned with groceries for tonight as well as a salad lunch from a place called PDQ.

I joined Linda for her second round.  Watching the pros this morning was interesting and helpful.  I noticed that all the players take very controlled backswings and often very abbreviated follow-thus (except when driving).    I also noticed that they very rarely lay up – seems they almost always attack a green (ignoring bunkers) as long as water is not involved.  Finally, watching Tiger struggle and hit shots 40 yards off target simply gives any hacker hope.

With these thoughts (and the extra sleep) I attacked the course this afternoon with new energy.  It didn’t really translate into a better score, but, well, it felt good.  I’d say Linda actually ran out of gas this round, her game limping through the back nine.  Repetitive 36-hole days in this heat will certainly do that.

C-minus backswing

A blog, email, and CORE interlude over the late afternoon Ryder Cup matches.  It was fun to see the U. S. take an early lead.  Linda fixed some beautiful pork chops with garlic and wine, along with rice and asparagus.

Best part of the day

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