RTJ Golf Trail Alabama

A morning spin away from The Grande Hotel, followed by breakfast at the East Shore Cafe in downtown Daphne, AL. Linda – quiche, Rich – French toast. This town is just north of Fairhope and also on the waters of Mobile Bay.

Breakfast at the East Shore Cafe, Daphne, AL
East Shore Cafe, Daphne, AL
Showing off her new golf jacket

We headed east on I-10 across the bay and on into Mobile, reaching our destination for today: Magnolia Groves Golf Course. This is one of 11 high quality courses strung through Alabama on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail.

The staff was super friendly and we headed out onto our course called Crossings, likely so named for a couple of railroad crossings in the layout. The course was in very good shape with good rolling greens. Medium difficulty but definitely playable.

Here’s what we found on the course:

lots of turtles,
yes, lots of turtles,
some really long rough,
waste areas,
and more waste areas,
and even a tortoise.

After a small lunch in the clubhouse, we decided to hit their Short Course, consisting of 18 par-3 holes. We decided on a little match between us. Stableford scoring, $1/point, no handicaps, Linda from Red, Rich from White. I think Linda agreed to the no-handicap provision because she knows her own short game is solid.

Linda was right, although it was a good close match. We were all even going into the last couple of holes when I put a tee shot into a bunker, so I ended up coughing up $2 to her. Cough cough.

One of the staffers pointed us to a popular restaurant for dinner, so we programmed our car to take us to Felix’s Fish Camp. It’s located in a neat spot right on the water on a flat spit of land in the marshes. It’s up on stilts so you get great views of the bay and Mobile too.

Our server was excellent and very knowledgeable about the menu. Unfortunately, that set my expectations high, and I was definitely disappointed with the food (dinkly portion of overcooked mahi-mahi). The company and ambience made up for it.

View from our table
Starting our second candle

The star of the meal was a simple side order of grits. The best we’ve eaten yet. We were immediately reminded of an axiom of Janet’s (not Janet Seiler,Janet from the Aquacat): Grits are simply an excuse to eat butter.


3 thoughts on “RTJ Golf Trail Alabama

  1. Nice golf jacket. Almost as nice as the Lululemon one from Joya. I wish I had thought of the grits comment … It’s a good one!

    1. Linda corrected me. A Janet we met on a dive boat many years ago actually said this, and I mixed up the credit. Yes, a good axiom nonetheless.

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