Long Road Home

There is practically no interesting way to present the last two days.  I-10 through east Texas, central Texas, and west Texas – 589 miles.  A night in Fort Stockton, TX.  Then I-10 through the rest of west Texas, New Mexico and Arizona – 681 miles.  Get the idea?

We considered taking back roads, but from our origin a few days ago near Pensacola, I-10 is  beckoning as the best way to go.  Besides, home is calling – it’s high time to get back.

Linda quipped that such a drive is a good test of compatibility between husband and wife.  I’m thinking a 42-day road trip together sort of works the same way.

Lunch in San Antonio at a chain called Cheddar’s.  The parking lot was packed.  The food was so-so – I think the low prices were packing the lot.

Lunch at Cheddar’s in San Antonio TX
C’mon let’s go!

A Holiday Inn Express in Fort Stockton TX – a very nice change from the dingy grungy on-its-last-legs Super 8 in Beaumont.  Take-out pizza from Pizza Pro was surprisingly good – crunchy tasty crust.  And The Voice!

MUCH better lodging

Breakfast this morning at the motel, typical trough fare, then back on the highway.  This road has me thinking of my friend Jack.  Two years ago he and his son Ben broke down way out here in west Texas in one of those nightmare-sort of trips.  Pray for us – we’re coming up on Van Horn TX as I type this.

These ginger-coconut candies are good
Endless west Texas

Made it!  Back home in AZ Tuesday early evening.  Pretty much exhausted.


4 thoughts on “Long Road Home

  1. I’m sure by now you are tucked in your own comply bed in Mesa. Sweet dreams and happy memories to both of you! See you soon….

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