Florida Road Trip 2012 Summary

Our third annual road trip dedicated to Florida golf.  Here’s a little recap:

Let the celebration begin

Day 1-3: Travel to Indiana
Day 4-7: Evansville IN – With Weislings, Seilers, John and Kori
Day 8: Florence AL – With Mary
Day 9: Lawrenceville GA – With Jack and Fran
Day 10-13: Murrell’s Inlet SC – Golf at Caledonia, True Blue, Wachesaw East
Day 14-18: Orlando FL – Golf at Grand Cypress Golf Resort, North-South, South-East, and the New Course
Day 19-21: Sanibel Island FL – Explore, relax, bicycle, shell
Day 22-26: Palm Beach Gardens FL – PGA National Golf Resort – golf at Estates, Palmer, Squire and Champions courses
Day 27-28: Palm Beach FL – Pampering at Four Seasons Resort
Day 29-33: Tampa FL – Emerald Greens – Golf at TPC Tampa Bay and Emerald Greens Pines and Meadows
Day 34-36: Crystal River FL – Snorkel with manatees, golf at World Woods (Brooksville FL) and The Plantation
Day 37-39: Fairhope AL – The Grand Hotel at Point Clear, golf at Magnolia Groves (Mobile) and Lakewood CC on RTJ Golf Trail
Day 40: Perdido Key AL – Day with Dawsons
Day 41-42: Travel back home

I had to go back and read the blog to summarize all that – my memory is overflowing.

42 days / 41 nights on the road.  About half of those nights were spent in golf resort condos.  In all, 32 rounds of golf.  As in the previous 2 years, our golf games suffered as we adjusted to the warm wet conditions, then [well, somewhat] improved.

I have this theory that putting our golf skills through this annual test is a good thing.  It’s just a theory.

No “Best of” for this trip – they get a little tedious (as if this blog isn’t tedious enough).  A few exceptional mentions, though:

  • Sweet Melissa’s restaurant on Sanibel Island FL should not be missed!
  • The eateries in Jupiter FL (Coolinary Cafe, Leftovers, and Food Shack) continue to be great stops.
  • Buccan in Palm Beach FL was superb (I guess you CAN go back.)
  • Snorkeling with the manatees in Crystal River was WAY cool – I’d love to go back when they are in season.
  • All the golf resorts (Wachesaw East, Grand Cypress, PGA National, and Emerald Greens) were wonderful.  Good golf and a home-like place to stay.
  • Prettiest golf courses (combined with good interesting golf) are easy selections:  Caledonia (Litchfield SC) and World Woods (Brooksville FL) are the picks.  Honorable mention to True Blue (Litchfield SC) and Lakewood CC (Fairhope AL).
  • OK OK, the Four Seasons, while generally not my cup of tea, was pretty great.  Foot massage anyone?
  • And of course, a hole-in-one!  Linda’s second, at World Woods, Pine Barrens, #3, 88 yards, using a 9-iron!

Linda and I sincerely want to thank our hosts:  Chuck, Alice, Mary, Jack, Fran, Wayne, and Cindy.  We also are so grateful to be able to visit with them and so many family and friends: Janet, Eric, John, Koriel, Mike, Barb, Laura Catherine, Alex, and Tyler.

Finally, we are VERY thankful to readers of this blog.  Alice, Janet, Trish, Janel, Chuck – we love reading your regular comments, even when what we’ve written is just boring old stuff.  It is BEYOND sweet that you check in and wade through our writings.  And we know that others do too and don’t comment.

Finally, I must thank, profusely, the MP.  You know who you are.

OK, where to next? (I already know.)


9 thoughts on “Florida Road Trip 2012 Summary

  1. I agree with Dad. The first thing I do at my computer in the morning is to check your blog. We thoroughly enjoy reading about (and discussing) your travels. Thank you for taking your valuable time to keep all of us informed .

  2. Thank you Mom/Dad. I think you guys can take some credit for the the way we enjoy so many things that we are blessed with!

  3. It was wonderful seeing you both again after so long! Having you with us was certainly the highlight of Cindy’s birthday celebration. I am very proud of both of you for the incredible life and family you have made. We are looking forward to having you back for the New Year’s Jam!

  4. Love reading your blog. You need to to go on another trip soon so I can keep reading! I am shocked, though that an ace didn’t get an exceptional mention!

  5. On to Barbados. If you thought the foot rub was fun….I can’t wait to hear about the butler. I have a feeling I would like one of those….probably puts out your bathing suit and brings the evening drinks? Can’t wait to find out….

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