Happy Birthday, Rich!

Monday October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Rich!

Golf Day.  We get up early this morning, slam some coffee and hop in the car to get to Apes Hill Golf Course.  Since it is early, The Hut at our hotel is not yet open for breakfast.  I had scoured the internet last night and came up with a breakfast place in Holetown (Flindt Pattisserie) that supposedly opens at 7.  Rich easily maneuvers the car through rush hour in Holetown and we find Flindt.  The owner is just unlocking the door and informs us that it won’t open until 8 due to now being the slow season.  Oh. We cross the street to our only other choice – the mini mart at the gas station.  Whoopie.

Breakfast at the gas station – yum

Actually, the cranberry muffin that Rich had and my home made coconut turnover were very good. We may make this our regular stop!

A couple of navigating blunders were made (due to my lack of ability in orienteering) but we finally got on track and arrived at Ape’s Hill.

This place is drop dead gorgeous and we seem to be the only golfers present.  It is a fairly new course and real estate in the area is just getting off the ground.  Anyone who makes the effort to play this private course (I pulled some strings…) will be richly rewarded with the scenery and friendliness of all the staff.

First look at Ape’s Hill
View from the clubhouse

We are escorted to the driving range where the attendant cleans each club for us after we use them!  He gives us some hints/tips about playing the course.  He also explained to us that the driving range is situated so that your shots are completely into the wind and that it will give you a good idea of the front 9 (completely uphill and into the wind!)  Our driving range shots appear to go nowhere as they get stopped by a wall of wind.  I decide that for Rich’s birthday this will either be a Birthday Treat or a Birthday Spanking!  We will concentrate on the scenery…

First tee – uphill/into the wind to the clubhouse

As we drive from the first teebox to the fairway we are surprised by a little group of new golf course “friends.”  I am delighted and let out a little scream which, of course, causes them to scatter.  We hope to see them again along our way.

I know they are small in this pic, but here are our Monkey friends! (a first for us on a golf course)

There are really no other golfers to speak of out today and we feel like the course is ours.  We are able to take our time and thoroughly enjoy the different atmosphere of this course.   Ape’s Hill is so elevated that on a couple of the holes you could see both the Atlantic and Caribbean!

Rich cracks one into the ocean

At one of the stunning par 3’s I am thinking “Oh no, if I get a hole in one, I won’t get to “call my mom” I will have to email her!

Check your email, mom!
…maybe not

We  both played pretty well and enjoyed the newness of every hole.  We also found another “friend” on the course:

teeny, tiny friend

There was even a limestone cave beside the cart path on one of the holes:



The par 3’s were really great!

After our round we had lunch on the porch of the clubhouse and admired the island views.  This was a great way to spend the afternoon.




Down the winding, curvy road Rich drove and we made it safe and sound back to Beachview.  I love to see the colors of some of the homes along the way:

Time out for a siesta and a little catching up on email/blogging.  Then sunset and dinner.  On Monday evenings, there is not much open within walking distance of our hotel.  We really don’t want to drive at night here – it is harrowing enough during the daytime. I finally remembered seeing a tiny place by our hotel that was closed on Sunday, but looked like it was open today – Karibu.  We decide to give it a go.

Great choice!  This place is local, local.  It sits right on the road and looks like someone’s house (probably is) with a couple of picnic tables in the yard.


We plop down at the empty bar and Sonya comes out of the kitchen to great us.  She has a big smile and welcoming personality (unlike some of the “heifers” mentioned yesterday).  She tells us the menu: rice and peas, sauteed potatoes, macaroni pie (your choice) with either fried/grilled chicken or fish.  Rich gets grilled fish/rice and peas and I go for the grilled chicken/macaroni pie (national dish of Barbados). Oh and 2 Banks beers.

Sonya disappears into the kitchen and starts cookin’.  When she comes out she has two beautiful plates of food for us along with a selection of 3 sauces – sour cream/garlic, habanero and tamarind.  She tells us the tamarind sauce is great on everything.

Wow.  We take a few bites and declare that this is the best food we have had since our arrival!  It is amazing.  The chicken is juicy/spicy/perfect.  The fish is super fresh and has a jerk-type rub on it.  The tamarind sauce is off the hook!  We eat absolutely everything. When we get the bill we realize that not only was this the best meal – it was also the cheapest.  Local is the way to go, baby!

Sonya told us that we should come back and try the curry which she says is outstanding.  Also she insinuated that we kind of blew it by not ordering the fried chicken – supposedly the best around (I think Bajan’s have a real “thing” for fried chicken).  Now, if you have been following our blog for awhile, you know that Rich and I also have a “thing” for fried chicken.  We hardly ever have it because it is usually not worth the calories.  Last time was this September in Evansville at the Hilltop Tavern and it was worth it.  Before that it was a couple of years ago (!) at Mississippi Fish Shack in Columbia, MO and it was the best ever.  We just may have to return to Karibu to see how their stacks up.

Diving in the morning means early to bed tonight.  We turn on the Presidential Debate and fall asleep before it ends.







3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Rich!

  1. Great birthday, Rich. The food at Karibu looks good including the tamarind sauce. I’ve never tasted tamarind. Did you return for chicken? And?

    I’ll carefully watch my e-mail for a few days. Never fear.

  2. Hope you had a fabulous birthday, Rich! Can’t think of a better place to spend it than Barbados. My bet is you’ll be back at Karibu for the fried chicken 🙂

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