Limin’* in Barbados

*Limin’ – hanging out, chillin, or even partying

Thursday, Oct 26, 2012

Today we are armed with Emma’s directions on our piece of crap map and arise with high hopes of making it all the way north to Apes’ Hill for golf in less than 2 1/2 hours.  I steel my nerves to try and navigate (and anyone who really knows me realizes that I can hardly navigate my way out of a paper bag) by following Emma’s suggested twists and turns through tiny neighborhoods in hopes of avoiding “rush hour” traffic in Barbados.  You think I’m kidding?  The traffic here in the morning can rival that of LA.

Rich has become somewhat of an expert driver and now approaches roundabouts with the determination of a local.  He surges forward and bullies his way in as we move northward on the island.  Emma was correct.  Even though her directions appear a bit “funkified” they do indeed allow us to avoid most of the traffic.  We arrive one wrong turn later to Ape’s Hill in record time and none too worse for the wear.

We grab 2 egg/bacon sandwiches from their restaurant along with coffee and off we go to the range.  The same range attendant is there and he remembers us from a few days ago.  He laughs and jokes with us about which one of us will “win.”  Rich tells him that I will win on style and grace alone.  (I like that!) As we drive to the first tee, we are greeted once again by a troop of cute monkeys. Since the course is relatively new, the monkeys are still quite shy.  I am sure it won’t be long before they will descend upon golf carts and grab every piece of food they can find!

Cute little feller
First Tee

We both enjoyed the course even more today (if that is possible) and as before we had it pretty much all to ourselves.  For me, this course is definitely one of my Top 5 Favorites.

We saw several more troops of monkeys around the course and tons of these guys:

Mating season??

When the round was finished we sat up at the clubhouse overlooking the course and shared a burger.  Our server tried to convince us to stay until sunset which she says is spectacular from this vantage point.  We didn’t stay; we have big plans for tonight.

The drive back “home” to Oistins was a breeze.  Since it wasn’t a busy time of day we took the “freeway” (loose term) all the way back.  The remainder of the afternoon was spent relaxing and catching up on email, etc.  At sunset we went down to our beach (Miami Beach) for a swim. It is the most beautiful part of the day and the water was warm and wonderful.

Best part of the day

Our plans for tonight are to walk down to the famous Oistin’s Fish Fry.  We are not really sure what to expect, but from what I have gathered, it is going to be great food and lots of people.  We feel really lucky to be able to walk to the Fish Fry, especially once we get on the main road and see all the traffic.  People (locals and tourists) come from all over the island by taxi, car and bus every week just to come to this Fish Fry.

There are about 30 booths set up right next to the fish market in Oistins.  They are all selling some kind of fish, chicken, pork, etc along with all the Bajan sides (macaroni pie, plantains, breadfruit, grilled potatoes, rice/peas) and of course ice cold beer.  As we walk around checking them all out the hawkers speak to us and try to get us to eat at their place.  We tell them all we are “just looking.”  We want to find just the perfect place.

Rich gets us a cold Banks to help us make our decision on where to eat

Every place looked fantastic and grills/pots were fired up.

We made the rounds of the entire place and in the end returned to the first place we had seen – Annie’s – because I had spied whole snapper on the grill there.  Great choice.

Chef at Annie’s

We were directed to one of the picnic tables, shown a menu and quickly settled on the whole grilled snapper (with plantains, grilled potatoes, salad)  for me and the grilled marlin for Rich (with breadfruit, rice/peas, salad). Oh, and 2 ice cold Banks.  Service was great and our meals arrived shortly.  Wow.  The fish was off the charts (especially my snapper – Rich even admits that I win the “Phil Denisuk” award).

Award winning fish (Banks, Banks,  Banks)
Second prize (but still great!)

We enjoyed every bite and soaked up the party atmosphere of the entire situation.  I wandered over to the Domino section where there were tables set up with hot and heavy domino action going on.  I tried to be sneaky while snapping choice photos of the men slamming down their dominoes.  One of the guys notices me and asks me if I am waiting for a table.  No way would I get involved – this is a serious game!

Slammin’ down the dominoes
Chart of upcoming matches
Hot and heavy action
Studying his “bones” (dominoes)

I finally tear myself away from the gaming action to find Rich deep in conversation with a woman that looks vaguely familiar.  When I realize it is Nicky from our first dive with West Side Scuba I cannot believe it!  Last night we ran into Dan/Ashley and tonight we bump into Nicky.  This island really is not that small – how in the world can we be running into the same people?  AND we are seeing them in totally different locations than when we first met them.  It is not as if we are all staying at the same hotel.

Hey – I know you!

Nicky is from England and rode the bus to Oistin’s with her pals.  She told us that it was quite a harrowing ride complete with the driver stopping for a beer along the way!  We are sooo happy that we are staying close by.  A few Banks later we all got to comparing dive travel stories and the coincidence became almost scary.  We all talked about Thailand, we discussed the Bahamas, Nicky told us about Honduras and that led us to Belize.  When we mentioned that we got our dive certification in Belize years ago, Nicky gave a big smile and said that she, too, had been to Belize.  “Where in Belize did you go?”  “Glover’s Atoll.”  “You’re kidding??!”

Glover’s Atoll “resort” is a tiny, tiny, tiny caye way off the coast of Belize that we visited twice – first time in 1997 (with Janel and Johnny) and again in 2000 (with Janel, Johnny and Rich’s sister Carol).  At any one time there are only 6-12 people there. We figure that at the most there have only been ten thousand people who have EVER been there.  Since there are  7 billion people in the entire world – the calculated odds of running into someone who has been there are approaching ONE in a MILLION.  And then, the odds of seeing that person twice in one week while on Barbados… well good grief it blows my mind!!!

A fantastic evening at Oistin’s Fish Fry ended with us taking one more tour around the stalls and finishing at a makeshift dance floor where smooth couples danced to great 50’s “country style music.  We joined them for several dances and walked our way home happy as clams.

Happy Chicken at the fish fry

3 thoughts on “Limin’* in Barbados

  1. Wow, another very exciting and unusual day!
    Aside from the excitment, I’d like to know how to make macaroni pie. I’ve never tasted it, nor have I ever seen a dominoes tournament.

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