Start the Instanity (the Family arrives)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Today is the BEEG DAY!  Our family is arriving from all parts of the globe to gather and celebrate Rich’s mom’s (Marty) 80th birthday.  We are so excited to see everyone and to move into our holiday villa.  First we must pack up and leave Little Arches.

Giving the buggy a bath before we head up north
Goodbye Little Arches

We hung around and chilled out all morning and decided to stop for brunch before braving the traffic north.  Surfer’s Cafe on the water looks just perfect for brunch.

Surfer’s Cafe

Then we hit up the SuperCentre to pick up a few provisions for our villa (we think it will be mostly stocked, but we we would hate to arrive to an empty fridge).

Let’s see what necessities did we pick up?

Ok – time to find our new home.  It is on the upper West Side of the Island and all the directions we have been told are to go past Speightstown and turn opposite the Belair villas in Mullins.  Great.  Somehow we manage to find Belair without any trouble and turn up the road towards the “cut rock” where we will supposedly find our new home.

There it is!  We are not sure what to expect since we have only seen pictures online, but we are hoping for the best.  As the car turns into the circle driveway we are stunned at how absolutely gorgeous the place is.

Mullins Mill villa is built on an old sugar plantation and part of it includes the old mill (that has now been turned into a fantastic bedroom).  The property is on 9 acres of lush, tropical landscape that is meticulously tended.  We are in shock.  Fortunately, we are greeted by Evadny (our butler – yes, our BUTLER) with two resfreshing rum punches to calm our nerves.

Evadny saves the day

We were given a tour of the property and Rich and I scoped out the perfect bedrooms for our guests.  We had such fun leaving chocolates on everyone’s pillow for a little “welcome to Barbados!”  The following are just some snippets of pictures from some of the different areas.  In the coming days, we will be posting so many pictures of Mullins Mill that we might have covered the entire complex by the time we are finished…

main living salon
Master br balcony

Princess Room in the tower (where Janel will sleep of course)
Bets’ balcony
Malcom’s ( chef) kitchen

Evadny sits with us and explains how the house “works.”  It seems there are 11 staff members to take care of our every need!  We have a butler, a chef, sous-chef, several housekeepers, gardener, night watchman, laundress (she will do our laundry every day!), and a boatman (who will take us out on our own boat whenever we want).  Can we deal with this?  Keep reading and see!  Oh, and those “supplies” we picked up at the grocery.  NO need.  There are at least 5 refrigerators on property fully stocked with anything we could every want.

Evadny explains to us that there is a Mullins Mill beach house just down the hill.  We decide to go take a peak.  I could live in the “beach house.”  What a perfect setting, especially at this sunset hour.  The house is fully operational with a kitchen, changing rooms and 2 bathrooms, plus water toys, chaise lounges, etc.

Our beach house
Our beach
Look at the horses swimming!

When we get back from the beach we head to the pool area and have a nice swim.  Finally, it is getting dark and we make our way back to the main house for Happy Hour.

sunset view from the infinity pool

The rest of our family will be arriving on the evening flight (around 10pm) so Rich and I ask for a happy hour “snack” to tide us over.  The chef has prepared a cold supper to be served with the rest of the gang arrives.  Evadny opens a welcome bottle of champagne and we are good to go.

We are so excited to have our family show up and check the airline status frequently to make sure they are all on their way – John/Koriel from LA, Marty from PA, Bets/Abby from TX and the huge surprise is that Janel is coming in from Spain!  We haven’t told anyone else.  Her flight will arrive in Miami and she will be meeting up with the rest of the crew to fly down to Barbados.  What a surprise!

BUT – I soon see from FlightTracker that Janel’s flight out of Madrid has been severely delayed and there is no way she will meet her connection in Miami.  Bummer.  I won’t go into all the details, but suffice it to say that I connected with Janel via email and she will be spending the night at a hotel in Miami and joining us tomorrow.  I don’t know if Rich and I can keep the secret any longer from the rest of the family, but we will try.

Finally, a van pulls up and out they all come!  They had no idea if they were going to a hotel, guesthouse, or ?? and they certainly did not expect this place.  They are all shocked.  We have a great late supper and stay up until the wee hours talking and laughing.

Finally together!









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