I’ll be commandeering this blog here fer the day. Don’t worry, I’m taking a class on blogging so ya’ll are in good hands.

After a fine night of skysailin’ across the clouds and a bumpy motor ride over, the seven hours I was asleep went by rather quickly. I awoke to the arctic ice storm known as Caribbean air conditioning – that was shut off quickly, along with the calypso-esque music emitting from my alarm clock.

As instructed, I ventured out into the courtyard dining area for breakfast at precisely 9:00 AM and lo and behold, breakfast awaited, along with family and several of our esteemed staff. Our meal consisted of eggs to order, fresh fruits, and assorted baked goods and teas. Indeed, one might say.

Needless to say, the villa is absolutely stunning, and completely unexpected (Well, knowing MP, I maybe expected a little but come on).

Soon after touring the grounds, I came up with the conclusion that you could cover your eyes, walk 5 steps in any direction, and whatever view in front of you would be as picturesque as the last.

This one is tasty too.

We all decided to spend some quality time in the pool cause, you know, the ocean just is too far away. Besides, how could’ve we ever lived without our newfound amenities?

After a rousing game of catch (which quickly turned into “bean”) we ventured out of our small slice of paradise to another perhaps larger slice, this one being lunch. Grilled shrimp and chicken wraps filled our bellies for the next exciting event – resting.

A disclaimer: I entered an agreement with MP and daddles concerning the blog during this rest period. I was to write in the blog given the fact that Nell was not around to trump me.

This vow was quickly broken.

Now a full party, we made our way to our other house, this one on the beach.

And of course this fridge was also fully stocked. It’s certainly been a long time since I had been in the ocean – feels like home, almost.

Once we arrived back at the main house, we munched on pumpkin fritters while catching up with everyone. Dinner soon followed, a delightful meal of pork and rice. Sleep followed shortly after.




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