Another Day in Paradise

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 (Happy Halloween!)

NOTE:  We have posted several days in the past 24 hours so if you have missed a day – just scroll backwards. They are in chronological order. We try very hard not to blog trump each other’s posts, but this time we wanted to get them all out there!

Another great sleep tonight.  It is so quiet here with the silence only being broken by the gurgling streams, the peepers and bird songs in the morning.  We wake up refreshed and ready to see what the day will bring.

I make coffee for Rich and myself with our room tea service andI make my usual  pad downstairs to ask Malcom for cream to put in our little pitcher. Malcom and I have a little chat about what he has planned for our meals today.  We are letting him steer this boat, but he likes to check with me to make sure he is on track (he always is).

The family straggles their way to the big house for our late (8:00am) breakfast.  This morning Malcom has prepared fresh cinnamon rolls, potatoes, bacon, and eggs to order (of course).  When several of us choose scrambled, he comes out and lets us know that he has a bit of smoked salmon left from yesterday and would we like it in our eggs?  What do you think? Evadny expertly serves us and anticipates coffee refills etc before we even ask. I think I am going to miss her…

Abby hears the gong and is ready for breakfast

Our boatman (Curtis) comes by and tells us that the ocean is kinda rough today so that the chances of us getting on our boat will be slim. We stare out at what appears to be calm water and are in somewhat disbelief.  We ask him to return in the afternoon to see if we can go out then.

We are all going in different directions today.  Rich and Marty are going to the National Archives where they will be doing genealogy research.  Her grandmother was born on Barbados and she has already done a ton of research and has a huge family tree dating back to the 1600’s on a plantation here.  She wants to fill in some gaps.

One huge side of the family tree
Our teeny branch

John/Koriel/Bets/Abby want to do some shopping.  I found an area online that looks like to might be promising.  It is in Bridgetown (about 20 minutes south of here) and will require a cab since we only have one car and Rich/Marty will be using it.  No problem.  Evadny calls to make the arrangements and everyone is set.  Before the taxi arrives, Bets has decided that she and Abby will go with Rich as far as Holetown and then may try to make their way down to Bridgetown from there.  Johnny and Koriel wait for the taxi and take off to Bridgetown.


A saxophone candle holder was purchased from this artist

Janel and I chose to chill at the house this morning.  (good call) We blog for a bit while the staff quietly shuffles around cleaning rooms, sorting laundry, preparing for lunch, etc.  It takes a lot of work to keep this house maintained! We eventually make our way out to the pool and spend a good long time soaking, relaxing and talking.  Finally I hear a phone ringing at the pool house and we realize it is Evadney letting us know that lunch is ready.

The shoppers have all returned from their outing and we all sit down to a wonderful lunch of grilled shrimp, chicken fingers, home-cut fries salad and garlic toasts.  Yum.  Marty/Rich will stay in town for lunch. We hang out after lunch paired up  in different little alcoves for intimate chats or just reading/snoozing. Everyone is doing their own “thing” and we are all content.

Rich and Marty return with great stories about the archives.  It is a highly regulated process to access an of the records (wills, birth certificates, baptisms, etc).  They research for hours to find out exactly which document they want to see.  When they finally hit the nail on the head and ask the desk for it they are told it is too old and they cannot even be allowed to SEE it!  They go back to their research and then come up with a list of documents they want and CAN see.  No pictures are allowed inside, but Rich convinces the guard to let him take just a couple. The return with their heads swimming.

Studying the old records

Time for a little beach house action.  When we get there we realize that Curtis was not joking.  The waves are HUGE and crashing – very unusual for the West Side of Barbados.  Janel, Kori, John and brave it and get in.  I try, but decide that even if I manage to get in, I probably couldn’t get out!  Bets/Abby work on a sand castle.  Just when they have it perfect a huge wave crashes right over it and wipes it out.

Hard at work
Looks great now, but…

We have a great time watching the kids ride the waves (Bets even gets in on the action).  Rich and Abby hunt for sea glass, but they have to keep a sharp eye on the water and run up to the shore every time a wave crashes.  It is a delicate business!

Best time of the day at the beach house
BEST time of the day!

We end our sunset beach time with a rousing rendition of Styx’s “Come Sail Away” that is playing on Janel’s ipod. Everyone gets in on the dancing/singing action.

Back at the big house, Happy Hour starts in full swing.

“What may I serve you tonight?”
A nail painting party

Tonight’s nibbles are little pastry crescents filed with either herring or chicken along with a cherry sauce.  They are delicious.  Several of us opt for rum punch, while the majority choose to imbibe in Pina Coladas.  Evadney makes a mean colada.

Koriel jumps on the “Colada Express” (with a virgin variation)

The gong sounds and dinner is served.

We had told Malcom when we first arrived that we wanted lots of fresh fish.  We also told him that Janel loves to be served the whole fish if he has a chance to get some.  He informed me earlier today that he was able to get 4 whole snappers.  Knowing that some of our group most likely would NOT want to see a whole fish on their plate, he asked me who s  hould get the whole fish?  (the others will get tuna fillet and shrimp).  I wisely told him to give them to my family of 4.  “Should I take it off the bone?” he asked.  “Are you kidding?  No way!”

Beautiful snapper dinner
Clowning around in the kitchen

The snapper was awesome and the side of breadfruit (which he showed us this afternoon when he purchased it) was wonderful.  Another fantastic dinner.  Then, they bring out the chocolate cake!  It was super chocolat-ey and had a sorrel sauce (which we have come to really enjoy). Perfect ending to the meal.

Rich had been promising Abby a tennis match (at our own courts…) so they grabbed racquets and head to the courts.  By the time I arrived, they were deep into the game.  Abby has quite an arm and can wallop the ball.  Rich’s glory days of tennis are behind him but I saw him pound some forehands!  Eventually Bets, me, John and Koriel all got in on the action.  What a ball!

Game, Set, Match!

2 thoughts on “Another Day in Paradise

  1. What a busy day for everyone!
    Evadney and Malcom are really special. I liked Rich’s and John’s expressions when they heard the dinner gong. And, what a wonderful dinner with with beautiful whole snapper and sinful very chocolat-ey cake with sorrel sauce.

    1. Yes – we are going to sorely miss the staff! The snapper was specially made for Janel – it was fabulous. And the Chocolat-ey cake/sorrel sauce – WOW. We are not lacking for proper meals.

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