Woodland Plantation – Photopost

6 11 2012

Here is the promised photopost of Woodland Plantation in Barbados (where Marty’s grandmother was born).  Enjoy!





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7 11 2012

How nice that Marty had a chance to visit Woodland Plantation .I’m sure this was a very special event for her. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

7 11 2012

What a beautiful place. I’ll bet Marty was thrilled to be able to visit.

8 11 2012

She loved it! Rich has been showing her the pictures even in the hospital.

8 11 2012

Amazing place, lovely for Marty to go back to her roots.

4 06 2017
Kathy Cutri

In researching family roots, I ran across this. We are related! I believe Marty and my mother, Lilian Parker Walters (granddaughter of Lilian Archer and Nathaniel Hall Jones) are cousins. Marty used to write to my other but she hasn’t heard from her for a while. I am talking to Mom on the phone while researching some of this. I hope to get there one day!
Kathy Walters Cutri

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