Here I Go Again

I am leaving for Madrid tonight at 9:10 pm.  I am so excited to see Nellie again!  We have some big plans (of course, mostly revolving around eating).  We will be visiting Lyon, France during my first weekend.  Then back to Madrid for the following week.  Janet will join us for our 3rd Annual Short-Haired Ladies Trip when we will be zooming around Portugal.  Back to Madrid for a short time before coming home.  Restaurant reservations have been made and credit card is in hand.  What more do we need?

I am so lucky this trip to be flying British Airways First Class direct to Heathrow and then on to Madrid.  Thank heaven for airline points! I am eagerly awaiting what should be a stellar first class experience both in flight and in the Concorde Room lounge at Heathrow.  I am already getting a little taste of things to come whilst relaxing in the BA First Class lounge in Phoenix.  I was escorted in and then met by a wonderfully friendly server who explained that I should ask her for anything I needed.  A glass of Shiraz and a bite of cheese later and I am already loving this.

Sorry, no pics yet.  My camera cord is in my checked baggage… Don’t fret – lots of pics and stories to come. [Well – I snuck this one picture in after the fact.  -Rich]

Check back in a few days to see what has been happening!

Ready to go outside Sky Harbor Terminal 4
Ready to go outside Sky Harbor Terminal 4

3 thoughts on “Here I Go Again

  1. Since one of the ladies is growing her hair maybe a new name is needed. How about Gourmet Globe Trotters? I will enjoy every minute with you….happy trails!

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