Here We Go Again – Florida Odyssey #4

August 27, 2013

We are on the eve of our fourth road trip to Florida for golfing, biking and who knows what else?  This trip will first take a slight detour northwards so that we can spend Labor Day weekend in Lincoln, Illinois with my sister and brother-in-law (Janet/Eric) and our parents.  Janel will be making the first part of the voyage with us since she is just ending her several week US stay in Arizona.  We are so happy to have her along!

When we leave Lincoln on Tuesday the plan is to stay one night in Evansville at my parent’s home and then begin heading to Florida in earnest.  We will make a base at a condo in Port St Lucie at the PGA Village for a few days.  Our mandatory Four Seasons Palm Beach stop is next (the “no golf” portion of the trip) before turning north again with a drive to the very top of Florida – Fernandina Beach (Amelia Island).  Our friend, Jack, will meet us in Fernandina and then he and Rich will take off on their bicycle journey down to coast of Florida all the way to Key West.

While they are huffing and puffing their way south, I will be winding my way across Florida staying at several golf resorts and pretty much golfing my head off (oh, except for the few days I will be at a well-known spaaaaa).  We will meet up again somewhere in the middle of Florida for a couple nights and finally meet again in Key West.

Rich and I will make our way back across the US (stopping in Keller, TX to visit with Rich’s sister and her kids).  Lots of miles between now and then.  In order not to disappoint our readers, we will attempt to publish as many “food porn” pics as possible while still coming home able to fit into our clothes!  Thanks for following along.



3 thoughts on “Here We Go Again – Florida Odyssey #4

  1. Linda you will be so missed, but I’m anxious to hear of all your good times!! Tell Momma I’ll be calling her for a towel!! Here’s hoping you have the best time ever! x Lesia

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