Who Doesn’t LIke Pie?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Miles 570

Up and out by 7am with only one minor turn-around for a missing ipod. The decision was made last night to make our lunch stop in Pie Town, NM. Janel, John and I had stopped there way back in Anyway, who doesn’t love pie?

Our drive this morning takes us through some beautiful Arizona scenery and our Spanish guest – Pablo – especially appreciates Arizona’s beauty.  We make a nice stop in Salt River Canyon for a rest and some horsing around.

IMG_8406 IMG_8407 IMG_8408 IMG_8412

Pie Town awaits. The road is pretty, but unfortunately it is riddled with construction and several flagman stops.  We have snacks in the car but some of them are questionable.  By the time we arrive in Pie Town we are starving.

questionable snack?


The menu at our cafe is limited and written on the wall.  We all decide to share two of the specialities of the house – green chile cheeseburgers.  The sharing is so that we have room for pie.

Several locals come and go while we are there and we like the laid back atmosphere.  Burgers arrive and are wolfed down before we can even snap a photo.  The pie(s) fared a bit better.  We chose a slice of both Blueberry and Apple/Green Chile with Pine Nuts to share.  Pies are pretty good, but not great.  Certainly not worth a diet “cheat.”



Janel, Pablo and I are on kind of a fitness craze and are trying to be at least sensible.  (Rich will eat anything…) Do not fret, however. We are no fools – there will be many pics of food in the coming days!

Back in the car with many, many miles to go.  We normally don’t travel on major freeways, but we are a bit pinched for time to make it to Lincoln on Friday and succumb to the freeway blues.  Our planned stop tonight is Tucumcari, New Mexico.  When we are about an hour out we realized we lost an hour due to the time change and it became clear that a dinner stop needed to happen before Tucumcari.  Restaurants there close up around 9.

Yelp comes to the rescue and the Santa Fe Grille in Santa Rosa will have to suffice.  Turns out to be pretty ok.  We share some fajitas and Rich has a pork chop dinner. Not picture worthy.  However, Pablo makes a note that they have stellar toilet paper.  We consider writing 4 Yelp reviews mentioning that fact to entice other diners to stop.

60 short miles later we arrive in Tucumcari around 9pm. Our digs for the night are at an historic Route 66 motel – The Blue Swallow Motel.  It is a totally cute and kitschy place with sweet owners and lots of throwback charm. There are even attached garages for each room.  The tiny rooms are complete with chenile bedspreads and rotary phones!  Too bad we didn’t arrive early enough to sit outside and watch the world go by.

IMG_8425 IMG_8421

Home, sweet, home
Home, sweet, home
garage included
garage included

We have a long, long drive tomorrow and hit the hay without further lingering.


4 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t LIke Pie?

  1. Nice scenery (Especially Pablo and Janel) So Sweet! Pie’s look pretty sweet too. That little motel was adorable–looking forward to the next page! Golfed yesterday with Dave-Terry Stephens and Owen….Didn’t do great–it’s that damn putting that’s giving me a hard time….(85) Dave kept missing his birdies—you wouldn’t have missed your birdies! Ha Ha Have fun–Enjoy! :0

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