Family Time in Lincoln

Friday, August 30, 2013

343 Miles

We chilled out in Springfield this morning since we have only a short drive ahead of us.  Blogs were written, sleep was extended and workouts were accomplished.  Ahhh

Today’s breakfast spot was determined last night when we spotted Gailey’s Breakfast Cafe downtown. We pack up and arrive at Gailey’s around 9:30.  The place is packed, but we are shown a window table right away.

IMG_8447The menu is extensive and we settle in to study it.  We don’t come with any pre-conceived notions of pork chops today. The server is very sweet and it patient with us as we order and make our substitions, preferences and changes of mind.  When the food arrives after quite a long wait we are a bit disappointed.  It is just “ok” and not at all like yesterday’s feast.  We are not sure why this place is so popular.

the counter at Gailey's
the counter at Gailey’s

We settle in the car for the day’s journey.  Easy miles today and they go by easily – lots and lots of cornfields. It is only when we get about an hour out of Lincoln that I start getting antsy.  “Are we there yet?” We pass the time discussing the probabilities of slabs of meat being smoked on the grill at Janet and Eric’s house. A debate also ensues concerning the state of Eric’s tomatoes.  Tomatoes from Eric’s garden are somewhat of a legend.  However, Janel and I have been given early reports that his garden has not been producing many tomatoes this summer and they may have to resort to going to a farmer’s market.  This could be a deal-breaker.  We try not to fret.

Janet and Eric's home in Lincoln
Janet and Eric’s home in Lincoln

Yay!  We made it!  It is awesome to finally be here and be back together with more family – Janet/Eric and Mom/Dad are all awaiting our arrival.  Pablo is introduced and welcomed into the fold.  There is already a spread of appetizers on the table and a Menu of the next few day’s meals is presented.  Zeke (Janet/Eric’s dog) is so excited to have a houseful of guests and keeps us all entertained.


A new friendship
A new friendship
We are especially excited by the “Tomato Bar”

We are given a sneak peak of the gorgeous tomatoes.  Pablo and Janel cannot resist.



Mom has brought me a special gift from Evansville and I am very excited.  For my previous two hole-in-ones she has embroidered me a custom towel and golf shirt.  I am eager to see what she has come up with for number three.


We had a wonderful afternoon/evening sitting around outside on the new patio a catching up and laughing at Zeke’s antics.  Since some of us will be sleeping on air mattresses in the living areas tonight (Rich/Linda and Pablo) we are trying to make fast friends with the dog so that he won’t jump on us with his full 100 pounds in the morning…

Note the 6lb medicine ball that Zeke plays with on the ground. I can barely lift it!

Dinner tonight is a thing of beauty.  Eric and Janet have outdone themselves.  We even are allowed to dine in the “Forbidden Room” (the dining room).

Turkey coming out of the deep fryer
Turkey coming out of the deep fryer
Dinner in the Forbidden Room
Dinner in the Forbidden Room

After a fantastic feast we repair to the living room for homemade ice cream/coffee sauce and glasses of Kentucky bourbon (for some). We end the wonderful evening by playing with Zeke.  He and Pablo have become buddies and Pablo succeeds at humiliating Zeke by turning his ears inside out while we all crack up laughing.

Fast Friends
Fast Friends
Poor humiliated dog
Poor humiliated dog


3 thoughts on “Family Time in Lincoln

  1. I can’t stand it anymore! Will you please adopt me! I’m large–friendly–unlike Zeke, I won’t jump on you!!! Let the good times keep rolling for all of you…Tell Mom to sit by that sewing machine. My number’s bound to come up soon….Love to all Lesia

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