More and More Goodbyes…

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
643 Miles (yes, really)

As my mom always reminds me – we have to leave so that we can come back.  I hate it. Not only do we have to leave Mom and Dad and my childhood home, but we also have to leave Janel.  Double whammy. (Janel is spending one more night with Mom and Dad in “Heavensville.”

We have a super long way to go today and opt not to stay for what promises to be a fantastic breakfast in Evansville.  However, we definitely do have time to lounge in the Master Bedroom with coffee and chatter – always a treat and a tradition.  We notice looking out on the deck that a storm must have come through while we were in Lincoln and has left many leaves and even some quite large branches on the patio.  Mom and Dad will have some work to do later.

Coffee in the master suite
Coffee in the master suite


The talk turns to quilting and recent project.  Seems like Dad has even gotten the “bug” and has been trying his hand at machine quilting.  We study the gorgeous quilt that Mom made last year (in the guest bedroom).  She remarks that only a handful of people even know how to do this technique and I believe it!  It is truly a work of art.



We have prolonged the agony for as long as we possibly can and finally make the last minute preparations necessary to hit the road.


Pictures are snapped, hugs are given/received and a few tears are shed. Somehow I manage to tear myself away.






I drive us out of Evansville and into Kentucky.  After an hour or so we are hungry for breakfast and decide to try and find a spot in upcoming Hopkinsville.  Yelp offers no help.  It is already 10:30 and we are concerned that breakfast will be unavailable anywhere.  Panic almost sets in. Rich suggests that we head directly into downtown Hopkinsville to eek out a place.  He knows from prior experience that there are usually good little local cafes in the middle of these small towns.  I drive slowly through the main street and just when it looks like we are almost through town we spot an intriguing sign.


Oh yeah. I immediately whip into a parking space while Rich warns that the place looks very, very tiny. We decide to go for it anyway. Great decision.

Let's go in!
Let’s go in!

Ferrell’s has been in this location since 1929 and consists of 5 bar stools (no tables), a counter, standing room only behind the stools and a “kitchen” set up directly across the counter.  There are at least 5 girls working in the tiny space!  Lucky for us there are 2 empty stools and we plop down.  When we ask if we can still get breakfast, the cook (Miss Marilyn) gives us first a stunned look and then a big smile and says “sure.”  We both order the “Special Breakfast” of 2 eggs, ham or bacon, toast and coffee for $4. One of the counter “girls” writes our order on a paper that she hands to Miss Marilyn and then sets up each of us with a wax paper “placemat” and a table setting. We settle back and watch the action.  There is a steady stream of customers coming in for to go orders of burgers.

I ask Miss Marilyn if she minds if I snap her photo.  She tells me “maybe yes and maybe no.”  I tell her I only hear the “yes” and snap away.

Miss Marilyn manning the flat top
Miss Marilyn manning the flat top

Soon we realize by looking at the awards and newspaper clippings on the wall that Ferrell’s is famous for its burgers.  There is even a photo of Miss Ferrell with former President Bush! I am starting to regret not ordering a burger, when Miss Marilyn finally breaks our eggs onto the grill.

Breakfast is good (not great, but the atmosphere more than makes up for it). We are graced with Miss Ferrell’s presence while we eat.  Looks like it is her turn to take over the flat top – she is 93 years old!

Miss Ferrell takes over
Miss Ferrell takes over

As we are finishing our meal a man steps out of the back with a camera.  Miss Marilyn tells me that I will be paid back for taking her picture. It seems the man wants to take our picture to post on Ferrell’s Facebook page! (you should definitely click on the link…) Before we leave I can’t stand watching/smelling the burgers and I end up ordering one to go. We pay for our $10 breakfast and say goodbye to the neat folks who run Ferrell’s.

The rest of the day is spent clicking the miles away.  Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia pass by our windows.  Of course, we manage to hit Atlanta exactly at rush hour.  It’s really not too bad and Valdosta is looming closer.

Tonight’s dinner choices are limited.  It is late since we lost an hour due to time change (about 9pm).  iPhone to the rescue.  I find a Buffalo Wild Wings about 2 miles from our hotel and we decide to eat first, then check in and pass out.

Rich is in heaven at BWW – there are probably 20 tv sets of various sizes playing all kids of sports.  There is also a Buzztime Trivia game and we latch on to two controllers to have a match.  Salads, Killian’s on draft and a few Asian Spice wings are just the ticket.

Rich (Rebel) kills me (Gumby) at the trivia game and we have a great time laughing and eating.


It is nearing midnight when we finally arrive at the Super 8 Valdosta.  (don’t roll your eyes – it is clean, quiet and our night is free due to reward points!) We crash and burn.


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